How to Get a Haunted House in BitLife

Here's how to purchase your first haunted house in BitLife, and how to check out which spirits are haunting it.

Halloween is fast approaching, and many games are preparing seasonal events. BitLife announced on Twitter that it’s time to celebrate the spooky season. And what better way to do it than purchasing a haunted house? If buying a haunted property in BitLife is something you’ve never done before, you can follow the guide below to find out how.

Purchasing a Haunted House in BitLife

To get a haunted house in BitLife, go into the Assets tab and tap Go Shopping. Pick any realtors listed under the Real Estate Brokers section, and look for a property with the word Haunted in it.

For example, there’s a property called the Historic Haunted Cape Cod Home for sale. Tapping on the property reveals the home’s condition and its “hauntedness.”

BitLife Haunted Home Real Estate Listings

BitLife Spirits and Ghosts

After purchasing the haunted property, you can go into your Assets tab to view it. You should notice a Spirits option under the Activities section, where you can see if any Spirits are haunting the home.

Clicking on a spirit gives you the option to Exorcise it or Summon it. Each spirit in a haunted property has two stats: Friendliness and Activeness.

Exorcising a Ghost in BitLife

Previously in BitLife, some challenges have required players to exorcise the ghost. To do this, you’d just go into your property and select the spirit, and then select the Exorcise option. When selecting this option, you’ll hire a local exorcist to perform the exorcism.

However, if you want to exorcise a ghost yourself, you’ll need to become an exorcist. It is possible to find a job as an exorcist through the in-game jobs menu, but it’s random, so you may need to restart your app a few times before you find it.

Once you’re an exorcist and try to exorcise a ghost from your haunted property, you’ll see an option “Do it myself.” That’s how you would go about performing an exorcism on a ghost by yourself in BitLife.

That’s about all the basics you need to know about how to get a haunted house in BitLife, how ghosts and spirits work, and how to perform exorcisms! Visit the BitLife Challenges page to see what other skills you need to brush up on.