BitLife: How to Complete the Hustling Herbalist Challenge

It's all about the green. Grow your garden and your profits in this week's BitLife Challenge.

The weekend is here, and that means another weekly BitLife challenge. This time around, players will put their gardening and hustling skills to the test in the Hustling Herbalist Challenge. Do you have the green thumb necessary to rake in the profits? Our guide below will help you out with this challenge if you have any problems completing it.

How to Complete the Hustling Herbalist Challenge in BitLife

Here is how to complete the Hustling Herbalist Challenge in BitLife:

  • Become a street hustler
  • Tend a garden for 20+ years
  • Sell fake weed to 25+ passersby
  • Sell fake weed to a cop

One thing you may not be aware of is that you can grow your own garden in BitLife. To tend a garden in BitLife, you’ll need to own a house. Go into the Mind & Body Section in the BitLife app, and then choose the Garden option. For this particular challenge, you’ll need to make sure you do this every year for at least 20 years to get credit for the objective.

The remaining three objectives for the Hustling Herbalist challenge revolve around becoming a street hustler. This special career is a unique profession that you can access at 18 years old by going into the Job section and browsing the special careers. After becoming a street hustler, pick a street with a decent number of traffic but a low amount of cops.

You’ll need to go into the Scams section in the Hustles section, and then choose the “fake weed scam” under the Advanced section. You need to sell your counterfeit goods to at least 25 people. Finally, to top it all off, one of those people needs to be a cop! Make sure the cop is your last client, because you might end up in jail. That’s really all there is to know about the BitLife Hustling Herbalist Challenge.

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