How to Complete the Judy the Judge Challenge in BitLife

Here's how to complete the Judy the Judge Challenge, including how to become a judge and appear on crime shows.

Do you want to see what it’s like to call the shots as one of the world’s most famous judges? Well, in the new BitLife Challenge, players will need to live their life as Judge Judy. The popular show, Judge Judy, showcases Judge Judy Sheindlin, as she rules over real-life small-claims disputes in the courtroom. Now, it’s your turn to be the judge. Here’s how to complete the Judy the Judge Challenge in BitLife.

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How to Complete the Judy the Judge Challenge in BitLife

To complete the Judy and the Judge Challenge:

  • Be born a female in Brooklyn
  • Go to law school
  • Become a judge
  • Become a famous actor
  • Appear on multiple crime shows for 25+ seasons

The first step in this challenge is to start or continue a life as a female born in Brooklyn, New York. Judith Sheindlin is a former Manhattan Family Court Judge, so that’s where we’ll start. Of course, you’ll want some high smarts to succeed in your career as a lawyer.

Next, you’ll need to get the education necessary to become a lawyer. That involves graduating with good grades, going to college, and heading into Law School for your graduate studies. You’ll see the option to go to law school after graduating from university and tapping on the option to seek higher education.

To become a judge in BitLife, you need 30 years of work experience. That means after you graduate from law school, you’ll probably want to take a job as a Junior Associate or a more entry-level position. After 30 years of working hard, you can go into your Jobs tab and apply for the Magistrate (Municipal) position, which is a career as a Judge.

You’ll also need to become an actor in this life, as well. To become an actor or actress, you’ll need to start as something like a Voiceover Actor. Go into the jobs section and try to find the Voiceover Actor position. You can restart the app if you don’t see it in the jobs list. After you get the job, crank up your hours per week and work hard every year.

Over time, you’ll get a promotion to actor or actress. Keep at it, and you’ll get the lead actor or actress position, and then you will ultimately become famous. At that point, you can start appearing in shows. Your objective here is to land a gig on crime shows for a total of 25 or more seasons.

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