How to Complete the Puppy Love Challenge in BitLife

Who's a good doggie?

Candywriter LLC is the company behind many mobile simulation games and is most well-known for BitLife. This week’s BitLife Challenge has players showing their appreciation for man’s best friend. All of the tasks are straightforward, so there’s nothing much to explain, but we’ve outlined everything you need to know to complete the Puppy Love Challenge in BitLife below.

“In this challenge, you’ll show your greatest appreciation for the wonderful creatures we call ‘Man’s Best Friend.’ Who’s a good doggie?”

How to Complete the Puppy Love Challenge in BitLife

To complete the BitLife Puppy Love Challenge in BitLife:

  • Download DogLife
  • Have a perfect relationship with 3+ dogs
  • Walk your dog five times
  • Bathe your dog five times

To download DogLife, you can visit the App Store or Google Play, depending on your device. Clicking the link gives you credit for the first objective, so installing the app is not entirely necessary. However, you should give it a shot because it’s pretty fun!

Next, you’ll need to start getting some pet dogs in your life. Go to the activities tab, and choose Pets. In the Pets menu, you can click on Animal Shelter or Dog Breeders, depending on whether you want to rescue an animal in need or purchase one from a breeder.

After you have your three dogs, you can go into the Relationships tab to walk and bathe them. Click on the dog’s name, and then choose the Bathe and Walk options. There’s nothing really complicated here, just make sure you do each task five times to get credit for the challenge objective.

Finally, you’ll need a perfect relationship with all three of your dogs. You can spend time with them, give them treats, and take them to the vet if they’re not feeling well. All of these activities will help improve your relationship. Make sure the green Relationship meter is maxed for all three dogs, and you’re all set!

That’s how to complete the Puppy Love Challenge in BitLife.