How to Complete the Rising Star Challenge in BitLife

Here's how to become an adult entertainer in BitLife and complete this week's Rising Star Challenge.

Another week means another BitLife Challenge. Players can choose their destiny in the popular mobile life simulator game. This time, your goal is to become an adult entertainment star — how famous can you get? Here’s how to complete the Rising Star Challenge in BitLife.

How to Complete the Rising Star Challenge in BitLife

To complete the Rising Star Challenge in BitLife:

  • Become a famous Porn Star.
  • Be famous for ten or more years.
  • Land a leading role in a film.
  • Receive a Bitcademy Award for a leading role.

To start things off, you can start a new life or continue an existing one. Maxing out your stats is an option if you have God Mode, but it’s not entirely necessary. The most important part of this challenge is to have a character with decent looks.

When you’re 18 years old, you can get your first job. To break into the adult entertainment industry, you can look for a job as a Porn Actor at an Adult Film Studio. Apply for the job, and work hard for a few years. 

Continue putting in the extra work, and eventually, you will be promoted, get higher-paying roles, and ultimately become famous. Make sure to take advantage of your fame by signing up for all social media accounts and doing things like book deals, commercials, photo shoots, and talk shows.

The goal is to land a leading role in a film, which should come easily as long as your fame is high enough. The best thing you can do for this challenge is to use an extremely good-looking character, and the rest will come easily.

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