How to Scam People in BitLife

Here's everything you need to know about how to scam people in BitLife using the new Street Hustler special career.

The Street Hustler Update brought a bunch of new features to BitLife, including a bunch of new in-game activities. Street Hustler is a special career, so if you’re wondering where it is, it’s under the Jobs section. One of the special activities you can unlock while a Street Hustler is scamming. In this guide, we’ll explain how scamming works and how to scam people in BitLife.

How to Scam People in BitLife

To scam people in BitLife:

  1. Age up to 18 years old.
  2. Go to Occupations and Special Careers.
  3. Choose the Street Hustler Option.
  4. Pick a location to start scamming people.
  5. Go into Jobs and choose Scams under activities.
  6. Pick a scam from the list.

The first step to scam people in BitLife is to be 18+ years old and choose the Street Hustler special career option. This is part of a new BitLife, update, so you will need to unlock the career pack for $2.99 or buy the full pack for $9.99. After you’re a Street Hustler, you can choose many different streets for your hustles. Pick a street with a low police presence, reducing your chances of being busted. Afterward, you can go into your Job tab and choose the Scams option.

Another thing to consider is the street you choose to hustle. There are three stats for each street: Traffic, Crime, and Police. Ideally, you want to pick a street that has high traffic, low crime, and low police presence. Low crime means people will be more unsuspecting of your scams, and low police presence means less chance of getting caught. However, be careful because some of your victims might be undercover cops.

Types of Scams in BitLife

There are 14 total scams to pick from, or you can do other tasks like Panhandle or become a Street Performer to stack up some extra donations. Here’s a list of all the possible scams you can run in BitLife:

  • Counterfeit Merchandise Scam – sell fake merch to unsuspecting people.
  • Fake Monk Scam – Pretend to be a temple monk.
  • Item Drop Scam – Claim someone made you break a valuable item.
  • Bag-Cutting Scam – Steal the contents of someone’s bag.
  • Charity Collection Scam: Collect money for a bogus charity.
  • Craps Game – A game rigged with loaded dice.
  • Fake Injury Scam – Claim an injury and demand money.
  • Gold Ring Scam – Sell a worthless ring to someone.
  • Shell Game – A game with a ball and three shells.
  • Three Card Monte – A game with three cards.
  • Fake Arrest Scam – Pretend to arrest people.
  • Fake Weed Scam – Sell fake marijuana.
  • Nightclub Promoted Scam – Promote bogus nightclubs.
  • VIP Ticket Scam – Sell fake VIP concert tickets.

The scams in BitLife are broken out by Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced skill levels. Your Street Hustler and Scam Artist skill levels will need to increase to a certain level to pick Intermediate and Advanced scams. Having high smarts and street smarts helps the likelihood of running successful scams. 

There you have it; that’s how to scam people in BitLife.

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