How to Complete the Slippery Devil Challenge in BitLife

Here's how to complete the Slippery Devil Challenge in BitLife, including how to become a Street Hustler and start scamming folks in-game.

Do you think you have what it takes to become a successful Street Hustler in BitLife? The Slippery Devil Challenge involves slipping through the cracks of the justice system and making a living on the edge of society. Sure, it’s not a highly sought-after career choice, but scamming people is just one of the many career choices in BitLife. In this guide, we’ll show you how to complete the Slippery Devil Challenge in BitLife.

BitLife Slippery Devil Challenge Guide

To complete the Slippery Devil Challenge in BitLife, players must finish the following objectives:

  • Scam a cop using the Bump-and-Grab scam.
  • Scam 5+ people using the Fake Arrest scam.
  • Earn $200k+ in scams.
  • Successfully run from the cops 3+ times.
  • Escape from prison during a riot.

More than half of the objectives involve scamming people, so you might be wondering how to accomplish that. To scam people in BitLife, you must pursue a special career known as Street Hustler. The career is new to BitLife, available in the most recent update. 

If you want to be a Street Hustler, tap the Occupations tab and click on Special Careers. Under Special Careers, you should see the option for Street Hustler. Unfortunately, the job pack costs $2.99 to unlock, so you may need to swipe your credit card if you want to finish this challenge.

After becoming a Street Hustler and choosing your street, go into the Hustles tab and then the Scam Artist section. The first option you’ll see is a Bump-and-Grab Scam, which involves stealing from someone on the go. For this challenge, you need to perform this scam on a cop. A victim will pop up, and you can choose to scam them or pass, so keep passing until you find a cop. You may want to wait until your skills are higher to not get caught because you need to pull it off successfully to get credit for the challenge.

BitLife Bump and Grab Scam

When you become more advanced, you will also need to pull the Fake Arrest Scam on 5 different people. The Fake Arrest Scam is more advanced, so you’ll need to wait until your skills get higher from doing lesser scams. Keep performing low-level scams until your skills increase and you rack up at least $200,000 in-game.

Finally, you will likely end up in jail at some point. When that happens, you’ll want to plan your escape wisely. You will want to start a riot with your character, which is an activity you can do while in jail. There is an option to escape while the riot starts, so once you do that, you will have completed the Slippy Devil Challenge in BitLife!

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