BitLife: How to Turn an Enemy into a Friend

Find out how to turn your friend into an enemy, and then make them your friend again.

BitLife is a pretty complex life simulation game, and managing relationships is an integral part of life regardless of your path. Some BitLife challenges require you to go off the beaten path and do things you wouldn’t normally do, like turn an enemy into a friend. If you haven’t done this before and need some help, we’ll explain how to crank up that relationship meter and turn your enemy into your best friend.

Turning Enemies to Friends in BitLife

The easiest way to turn an enemy into a friend is by picking one of your best friends from the relationship tab. Tap on their name, and change their status from Best Friend to Enemies. After changing your friend’s status to Enemies, the relationship meter should be about half full. 

Turning Enemies to Friends in BitLife

Now your goal is to fill the relationship meter back up. The problem is that if you try to set the status back to Best Friend, you will get a message saying, “Your enemy does not want to become your best friend.” So, you’ll need to warm them up with some compliments and gifts.

Giving your enemy gifts is the easiest way to get back on their good side. After all, who doesn’t love receiving free stuff? Go into your relationships tab, select the person, and choose Gift. The more expensive the gift, the more appreciation they may potentially show you. Different people have different tastes in things, and this is somewhat random. Keep gifting to fill the meter back up.

The person may never want to become your friend again; when that happens, there’s not too much you can do about it. Your only option at that point is to move on to the next person and try again. The most important thing is to ensure your relationship with your friend is perfect before turning them into your enemy.

That’s how you rekindle a relationship and turn an enemy into a friend in BitLife. This task is part of the BitLife Challenges, so knowing how to do this may save you time in the future!