BitLife: How to Complete the Wet N Wild Challenge

Here's our guide on how to complete the Wet N Wild Challenge in BitLife!

Another week means another weekly BitLife Challenge, and this time around, your Bitizen will be diving into the deep end. Objectives for this week include working at a water park, sleeping around, having over a dozen kids, and partying. Here’s how to complete the Wet N Wild Challenge in BitLife. 

Wet N Wild Challenge Guide

To complete the Wet N Wild Challenge, you need to:

  • Be born a female in Florida
  • Become a water slide tester for 20+ years
  • Sleep with 20+ men
  • Have 15+ children
  • Party 20+ times after age 50

Unless you already have an active life as a female from Florida, you’ll need to start a new life and pick Florida, United States, as your birthplace. If you have God Mode for BitLife, max out your fertility and sexuality, because you’ll need to have lots of kids at some point in life.

You don’t need to do anything in particular until you’re 18 years old. Once you’re 18, you’ll need to open up the Jobs tab and look for the Water Slide Tester job. It’s a rare one, so you might need to either restart your app a few times or age up a few times until the job shows up. It doesn’t pay well… but hey, whatever.

BitLife Water Slide Tester

 Next, you’ll need to basically live on the dating app.Go into Activities, and choose the Love option. Go to Date, Dating App, or Hook Up. The latter is probably the best option, and make sure to choose the option that says, “Don’t use a condom.” Remember, your goal is to have 15 children. But you also need to sleep with 20+ men, so keep that in mind. We’re not sure if adopting children gives you credit for this challenge, but that might also be worth a try.

Finally, after a fulfilling life of having at least 15 kids, you finally get to enjoy some time for yourself. Go out partying 20 or more times when you’re at least 50 years old. You can party by going into the Activities tab and choosing the Nightlife option!

Voila, you’re all done with the Wet N Wild Challenge in BitLife. I hope this helps you out if you had any questions about certain objectives! Visit our BitLife Challenges to see what skills you need to brush up on to improve your speed on these weekly challenges.

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