How to Complete the World BitCup Challenge in BitLife

Today’s BitLife Challenge is called World BitCup, and it takes you on the journey from a rookie soccer player to a world-famous all-star. This guide will cover how to easily complete the World BitCup Challenge so you can knock this one off your list.

BitLife World BitCup Challenge Guide

Here’s how to complete the World BitCup Challenge:

  • Become the captain of your high school’s soccer team.
  • Become a professional soccer player.
  • Earn a Ballon d’Or award.
  • Win three or more championships.
  • Pass a doping test.
BitLife World BitCup Challenge Guide

When you’re in middle school, make sure to join the soccer team. You can do this by tapping on your school, going into activities, and choosing Soccer Team. Make sure to work hard every year, go to the gym, and go on walks. There’s a hidden athleticism stat for your character, so you’ll want to keep that maximized by staying active and healthy.

Almost as important as your physical stats are your mental stats. Make sure to study hard and get good grades, so you don’t get kicked off the soccer team. As long as you continue putting in the hard work, you will eventually become the soccer team captain. 

When you graduate from high school, apply to university and join the school’s soccer team. If your school does not have a soccer team, you could always drop out and join another. As you were doing before, practice hard every year, work out often, and eat healthily. Do this as often as possible, and you will become one of the country’s top picks. After completing four seasons, you will see an option for the pro draft.

Pick the “I’m eligible for the pro draft” option to get drafted to a pro soccer team. It’s possible you go undrafted, but if that happens, go to Occupation and pick a team to join. You will want to join the team with the highest Team Strength stat. However, if you can’t get on that team, join a worse one and perform exceptionally, and you can get traded to a better team.

You may or may not need to be in Spain, Italy, or England to win the Ballon d’Or award. These are the league’s top countries in BitLife. Therefore, we recommend either starting a life in Spain or emigrating to Spain for your soccer career. You can play for Barcelona when you’re in Spain, for instance.

To get the Ballon d’Or award in BitLife, play for a pro soccer team in one of the top nations, win the championship and make sure your goals are at least 25 and your assists are at least 15. 

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