Blue Protocol Classes

Blue Protocol Classes
Bandai Namco

Blue Protocol, the upcoming ARPG MMO by Bandai Namco and Amazon Games, will feature five distinct classes determining combat and weapons. With four adjustable skills and various character customization options, the game will let players conform their characters to their personalities and playstyles. 

In any MMORPG that enables players to customize their character, the question will inevitably arise: “what class is the best?” In Blue Protocol, the answer will largely depend on playstyle. Like other JRPGs like Tower of Fantasy, in the upcoming game, the class that players choose will help determine the weapons, skills, and playstyle that they’ll use throughout the game. 


Blue Protocol Classes

In Blue Protocol, players are thrust into a new world known as the planet Regnas and must discover the history of their forgotten past by defeating threats and monstrous bosses. The class you select will largely influence how the game will play and what weapons will be available. 

The following classes will be available to players upon the release of Blue Protocol. 

Blade Warden

Blade Warden Blue Protocol
Bandai Namco

The Blade Warden is the master of the sword and shield. Using close-range combat and soaking up damage with their defensive skills, Blade Wardens can get into the thick of the battle and are masters of melee combat. 

Twin Striker

Twin Striker Blue Protocol
Bandai Namco

Twin Strikers are the savage high-damage dealers in Blue Protocol. Dual-wielding axes, the Twin Striker can unleash a series of close-combat combinations in quick succession. 

Keen Strider

Keen Strider Blue Protocol
Bandai Namco

The Keen Strider is the ranged DPS class in the game, able to dish out damage from mid to long-range with their giant bow and arrow. In addition to the ranged damage output, Keen Striders also provide party buffs to nearby allies. 

Spell Weaver

Spell Weaver Blue Protocol
Bandai Namco

Spell Weavers are the game’s resident mages and use high-damage long-ranged abilities to destroy enemies at a distance. Like the Keen Strider, Spell Weavers would be smart to stay in the back line while using their allies to soak up the damage. 

Foe Breaker

Foe Breaker Blue Protocol
Bandai Namco

Foe Breakers is an interesting, mysterious class that uses its giant hammer to disrupt the earth and batter enemies to the ground. A close-to-medium ranged class; it’s uncertain whether Foe Breakers are meant to be tanks or DPS. 

Ultimately, a player’s class will depend on how they like to play prior ARPGs. In addition to the variety in class selection, each class will have four different skills that can be tuned, upgraded, and enhanced for an even deeper web of possibilities. 

Blue Protocol will release in the second half of 2023 and will be available on PC, Xbox X|S, and PlayStation 5. 

Players that want to jump into the action can Wishlist the game on Steam

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