How to Unlock All Brotato Characters

Here's how to unlock all 27 characters in Brotato.

Brotato is one of the many action roguelike games that has spawned off the success of Vampire Survivors. It is undoubtedly one of the more unique takes on the genre and has become very popular on Steam with overwhelmingly positive reviews. Like many games in the genre, players can pick from one of many characters to start a run with, and each character has unique starting stats.

Find out how to unlock all the Brotato characters in the game by looking at the full list of characters below. Each character falls under one of four unlockable groups:

  • Survivors: Unlocked by killing a number of enemies.
  • Gatherers: Unlocked by collecting a number of materials.
  • Challenges: Unlocked by completing various challenges.
  • Danger: Unlocked after beating a certain Danger difficulty.

All Brotato Characters

  • Well-Rounded: Unlocked by default.
  • Brawler: Unlocked by default.
  • Crazy: Unlocked by default.
  • Ranger: Unlocked by default.
  • Mage: Unlocked by default.
  • Old: Kill 300 enemies total.
  • Mutant: Kill 2,000 enemies total.
  • Loud: Kill 5,000 enemies total.
  • Wildling: Kill 10,000 enemies total.
  • Gladiator: Kill 20,000 enemies total.
  • Lucky: Collect 300 materials.
  • Generalist: Collect 2,000 materials.
  • Multitasker: Collect 5,000 materials.
  • Pacifist: Collect 10,000 materials.
  • Saver: Collect 20,000 materials.
  • Chunky: Die for the first time.
  • Sick: Reach -5% HP regeneration.
  • Farmer: Reach +200 Harvesting.
  • Ghost: Reach 60% dodge.
  • Speedy: Reach 50% speed.
  • Entrepreneur: Hold 3,000 materials.
  • Engineer: Get five turrets on the map simultaneously. 
  • Explorer: Kill 50 trees total.
  • Doctor: Heal 200 HP in one wave.
  • Hunter: Reach 300 range.
  • Artificer: Kill 15 enemies with one explosion.
  • One-Armed: Win a run in Danger 0.
  • Bull: Win a run in Danger 1.
  • Soldier: Win a run in Danger 2.
  • Masochist: Win a run in Danger 3.
  • Knight: Win a run in Danger 4.
  • Demon: Win a run in Danger 5.

Tips for Unlocking Characters in Brotato

The first ten characters will unlock as you play the game since all you need to do to unlock them is eliminate enemies and gather materials. The challenge-specific Brotato characters tend to take some more focus. For those, we recommend using the Well-Rounded character and focusing on acquiring items with the specific stat you need for the unlock.

The last seven characters are the most challenging to unlock. You will want to focus on unlocking the proper items first, as some of these are necessary for higher Danger runs. You can refer to this Reddit post by u/Zabuzan to see which weapons to use for Danger 5.

That’s how to unlock all the Brotato characters. Time to get to work and start grinding to collect them all!