How to Unlock All Items and Weapons in Brotato

Here's how to unlock all the items, melee weapons, and ranged weapons in Brotato.

Brotato is a popular action roguelike game on Steam, with dozens of unlockable characters, items, and weapons. Part of the fun is unlocking everything in the game and going for 100% completion. However, there’s not too much information inside the game about how to unlock everything.

The guide below explains how to unlock all items and weapons in Brotato. There are 22 items and ten weapons (ranged and melee) to unlock, so you’ll need to win a run with all 32 characters to unlock everything. If you’re targeting a specific item or weapon, refer to the list below to see what you need to do to unlock it!

How to Unlock All Items and Weapons in Brotato

Below is a complete list of all the unlockable items, melee weapons, and ranged weapons in Brotato. All the unique items and weapons unlock after completing runs with specific characters.

How to Unlock All Items in Brotato

  • Big Arms: Win a run with Generalist.
  • Bowler Hat: Win a run with Entrepreneur.
  • Compass: Win a run with Explorer.
  • Explosive Shells: Win a run with Artificer.
  • Fin: Win a run with Speedy.
  • Focus: Win a run with One-Armed.
  • Gnome: Win a run with Bull.
  • Hunting Trophy: Win a run with Crazy.
  • Lucky Charm: Win a run with Lucky.
  • Medkit: Win a run with Doctor.
  • Night Goggles: Win a run with Ranger.
  • Octopus: Win a run with Mutant.
  • Padding: Win a run with Saver.
  • Panda: Win a run with Pacifist.
  • Potato: Win a run with Well-Rounded.
  • Rip and Tear: Win a run with Loud.
  • Ritual: Win a run with Ghost.
  • Robot Arm: Win a run with Engineer.
  • Snail: Win a run with Old.
  • Spider: Win a run with Gladiator.
  • Wheat: Win a run with Farmer.
  • Whetstone: Win a run with Sick.

How to Unlock All Weapons in Brotato

  • Chopper: Win a run with Multitasker.
  • Hatcher: Win a run with Wildling.
  • Nuclear Launcher: Win a run with Soldier.
  • Obliterator: Win a run with Demon.
  • Plasma Sledgehammer: Win a run with Knight.
  • Potato Thrower: Win a run with Chunky.
  • Power Fist: Win a run with Brawler.
  • Sniper Gun: Win a run with Hunter.
  • Spiky Shield: Win a run with Masochist.
  • Thunder Sword: Win a run with Mage.

That’s how to unlock all the items and weapons in Brotato. We may see new unlockable items as the game gets new updates. If that happens, we’ll update the list to ensure it’s up-to-date.