Bungie Announces Marathon, a PvP Extraction Shooter

Bungie, the iconic game developer that brought us Halo and Destiny, recently announced its first new project in over a decade – an exciting new game called Marathon during the PlayStation Showcase.

Moving away from their renowned franchises, the team at Bungie is gearing up to explore new horizons, bringing us a thrilling PvP (Player vs. Player) extraction shooter that’s set to be the next big thing in the gaming industry. 

Marathon transports players to the lost colony of Tau Ceti IV, where they will fill the shoes of cybernetic mercenaries known as Runners. This sci-fi epic is currently under development for PlayStation 5 and PC, with innovative features like cross-play and cross-save functionality, ensuring seamless gaming experiences across different platforms. 

Under the seasoned leadership of General Manager Scott Taylor and Game Director Christopher Barrett, Marathon isn’t a direct sequel to Bungie’s original Marathon game from 1994, but rather, it retains its legacy, unfolding in the same expansive universe. This approach means that both new players and die-hard Marathon fans can expect an immersive gaming experience, complete with nods to the lore of the original universe.

In a significant shift from the original games, Marathon promises to be a PvP-focused shooter without a traditional single-player campaign. Bungie is taking a player-centric approach to storytelling in this game. Players will explore the rich world of Tau Ceti IV and significantly influence Marathon’s narrative through their choices and actions, bringing an unprecedented level of interaction and immersion to the gaming experience. 

Adding to this, Marathon will feature persistent, evolving zones, resulting in an organic world where player-driven stories continuously unfold. This level of immersion and agency over the narrative aims to keep players hooked, pushing the boundaries of what multiplayer shooters can achieve.

As we eagerly await more information about Marathon, Bungie has ensured that tidbits and teasers, including gameplay footage, will be provided closer to the game’s launch. For those keen to dive deeper into this intriguing new project, an expanded version of a Q&A session is available on the official Bungie website

Marathon signifies an exciting new chapter for Bungie. It’s a daring shift in focus from its traditionally narrative-driven, single-player games to a player-driven, PvP-focused shooter. There’s no doubt that Marathon is a game to keep an eye on as we await its launch, promising a brand-new and immersive universe for gamers to explore. So, gear up, Runners. Marathon awaits!

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