Call of Duty: DMZ Bathhouse Attendants Key Location

If you’re looking to secure the loo at the Bathhouse Attendants Key in Call of Duty DMZ, you’ll need to know the exact location. 

You may come across a Bathhouse Attendant key in your adventures ripping domes in Call of Duty DMZ. There is no particular location since these key drops are random, but there is a specific location you have to go to use the key. If you’re wondering where to find the loot room, you’ve come to the right place. 

DMZ Bathhouse Attendants Key Location

The DMZ Bathouse Attendants key location can be found in the southeast of Ashika Island in the Beach Club, on the bottom floor of an L-shaped building with a gray door spraypainted with an X. Approach from the southside from the water, and you’ll be able to use the key on the door. 

DMZ Bathhouse Attendants Room Door
DMZ Bathhouse Attendants Room Door

There’s a ton of great stuff in this loot room, including guns, weapons, armor, supply caches, money, and keys for other loot rooms across Ashika Island. 

Make sure to pay attention as you loot this area, however — as there’s a high likelihood that other players will be looking to use their Bathhouse Attendant keys as well. 

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