Will the New Black Noir Skin in COD Be Pay-To-Win?

Players speculate as flashbacks of the Roze skin play through their mind.

While most Call of Duty players was excited when The Boys tie-in was announced for the July 12 COD update, there was another contingent of players a little less enthused with the fact that a Black Noir skin would be included in the game. 

The reason for this is the cosmetic’s ability to blend into the shadows and darker backgrounds, making it one of the harder skins to see in the game. In fact, it was such a problem at one point that the developers decided to nerf the skin by making it lighter — something that’s pretty rare in gaming. 

According to a recent Reddit post, players in the COD community aren’t too happy with the introduction of Black Noir, terrified of the prospect that they’ll have to contend with another invisible character in the game. 

Some Redditors sound dejected by the introduction with comments like “This is even worse than the Roze skin” and “People will cry over this skin. Only thing that would make them stop crying over this, would be if Translucent released.”

Only time will tell whether or not Black Noir will be pay-to-win, as YouTubers and players will surely upload clips if hiding in the shadows becomes a viable strategy again. However — we find it unlikely that the developers working on the game wouldn’t learn from past errors. After all, he just needs to be bright enough to see in front of dark backgrounds. 

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