COH 3 Emerald Bear Update Introduces Player Profiles

The upcoming Company of Heroes 3 Emerald Bear update introduces a new Elo system.

In the upcoming Company of Heroes 3 Emerald Bear (1.2.0) PC update, Player Profiles will debut. These profiles, which can be accessed by clicking on a player’s portrait in the main menu or the … next to your name, will provide a wealth of information about ranked match ratings, ranks, and match statistics.

Company of Heroes Adds Elo System

The Elo rating system, a method for calculating the relative skill levels of players, will be applied per faction per match size. This means players will have separate ratings and ranks for different combinations, such as 4v4 American and 1v1 American. This system encourages players to try out different factions and strategies without fear of impacting their scores in other areas.

Company of Heroes 3 Player Profile page

Player Profile Details

The introduction of Player Profiles will also bring several enhancements:

  • Players will now have a visible ranking for their quick-match Elo rating.
  • Faction icons will receive updated artwork.
  • The post-match stats screen will now display Elo rating, rating change, and rank icons. 
  • Only the current player’s change will be shown, but all players’ Elo and rank will be displayed.

The multiplayer quick match rating will now assign players a League and Tier rank based on their Elo. This new system corresponds with the “rank levels” previously displayed on the leaderboard.

While the developers considered a separate ranked mode, they decided to support players who queue for Co-op vs. AI and various combinations of faction and match sizes for both Multiplayer PvP and Co-op. They wanted to avoid splitting the player base and lengthening queue times.

The developers have decided not to reset the leaderboards at this time. The developers didn’t want to reset progress without a significant reason, such as changing the underlying way that ranks are calculated.

Currently, there are no plans for seasons or seasonal resets. The developers prioritized adding Player Profiles to meet community requests. As a result, Elo is persistent and does not reset, and placement is a one-time status per leaderboard.

To see the official announcement, visit the Steam blog post

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