Company of Heroes 3 & Prime Gaming Wehrmacht Cosmetic Released

Company of Heroes 3 and Prime Gaming are teaming up to deliver the first in a series of free Prime Gaming cosmetics for COH3. The first release is called the Night Fighters Wehrmacht Cosmetic Bundle.

Some things in life are free if you have an Amazon Prime subscription. Users can pick up a free cosmetic bundle for the popular RTS title developed by Relic Entertainment for a limited time. If you’re wondering what the bundle is all about and how to get it, we’ve got your answer. Even though Company of Heroes 3 is a tactical strategy game, it doesn’t mean cosmetics are useless, and it can also help mix up the variety of each match to keep things interesting.

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Company of Heroes 3 & Prime Gaming Night Fighters Wehrmacht Cosmetics

The Prime Night Fighters Wehrmacht Cosmetic bundle includes the following skins: 

  • Sturmpanzer IV Brummbär Night Fighters vehicle skin
  • 251 Half-track Night Fighters vehicle skin
  • Grenadier Night Fighters infantry outfit

The cosmetic is pretty cool, with a pretty typical camo-type look, but built for the night. Our favorite out of the bunch has got to be the Grenadier Night Fighters infantry outfit.

How to Get the COH3 Prime Night Fighters Wehrmacht Cosmetic Bundle

To get Night Fighters Wehrmacht cosmetics, players must link their Company of Heroes 3 account with their Steam account, then enter the Prime Gaming cosmetic code in the COH3 Rewards Activation Page

Which cosmetic bundle do you think they should create next? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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