How to Control your Onbu in the Wandering Village

Choosing your path is a critical aspect of staying healthy. Here's how to control your Onbu in the Wandering Village.

In the engaging and addictive colony-sim, The Wandering Village, you not only have to manage the villagers on your walking island, but you must also maintain a relationship with the giant beast you’re living on called an Onbu. Having trust with your Onbu enables you to control it to avoid environmental disasters and keep your Onbu and populace happy and healthy. This guide will show you how to control your Onbu in The Wandering Village and how to improve your trust with it so that it listens to you. 

How to Control your Onbu in the Wandering Village

To control your Onbu in the Wandering Village, use the Hornblower building to issue a command. Before your Onbu listens, you must gain its trust by feeding it and not harming it. 

See below for a step-by-step guide on how to issue commands and gain your Onbu’s trust. 

Part 1: Giving Your Onbu Commands

To issue your Onbu Commands: 

  1. Click the ⚙️Gear icon at the top and click Open to go to Research
Control your Onbu in the Wandering Village
  1. Select the Onbu tab. 
  2. Research Hornblower and wait for the research to complete. 
Control your Onbu in the Wandering Village
  1. Click the Building Menu button or press B. 
  2. Go to the Onbu Interaction tab.
  3. Build your Hornblower building.
  4. Select your Hornblower, then press Show Interactions
  1. Issue your desired command. 

The three main Onbu commands are: 

  • Lie Down: Use this to make your Onbu sleep. 
  • Walk: Use this to make your Onbu walk at an average pace. 
  • Run: Use this to make your Onbu travel at a faster pace. Good for bypassing poisoned areas quickly.
Onbu Commands

After issuing a command, look in the bottom right of the screen to see whether your Onbu is listening to your commands.

With the Hornblower building, you’ll also be able to choose the path your Onbu takes at a crossroads. To do this, zoom out to the main map with mouse-wheel down, click a crossroad, and select a direction. 

Approaching a crossroads

If your Onbu does not listen, it’s because it doesn’t trust you. Continue reading to learn how to build trust with your Onbu. 

Part 2: Gaining Your Onbu’s Trust

The first thing to be aware of is anything you do to hurt your Onbu will break its trust in you. This includes pulling out the large Onbu Spikes from his back that produce 30 Stone. If an Onbu doesn’t trust you, it won’t listen to your commands. To gain your Onbu’s trust, you can Pet your Onbu and Feed your Onbu.

When selecting the Harvest Tool, use the Harvest Stone or Harvest Trees option rather than Harvest All. Build around the Onbu spikes and just harvest the smaller stones around the island. 

Trust us, soon you’ll research a Quarry, and your Stone woes will go away. Mining the spikes is not worth it.

As you progress through into the later game, you’ll be given access to powerful technologies through the Research window like the Onbu Feeding Pump and Blood Extractor, which will reduce your Onbu’s trust. You’ll need to either avoid these buildings or offset the distrust by positively interacting with your Onbu. 

Onbu Research Tree

Feeding Your Onbu 

One of the main ways you can improve your Onbu’s trust is by feeding it. 

To feed your Onbu in The Wandering Village: 

  1. Build a Mycologist so you can harvest Mushrooms. Refer to our Farming Guide for help. 
  2. Research and build an Onbu Kitchen to produce Onbu Food
  3. Research and build an Onbu Feeding Trebuchet
  4. Select the Onbu Feeding Trebuchet and click Show Interactions
  5. Click the Onbu Food option. 

Your trebuchet will launch food into the Onbu’s mouth, growing its trust in you and reducing overall hunger. 

20 Mushrooms create 1 Onbu Food.

Petting Your Onbu

You can also Pet your Onbu to increase its trust. To unlock this, unlock the Onbu Doctor first, then you can unlock Pet Onbu.

You can access the Pet command from the Animal Doctor tab from the Onbu action menu. This will increase the trust between you and your Onbu.

You’ll also want to cure the Onbu of poison effects. Refer to our guide on How to Heal your Onbu.

In the official roadmap for the game, developers Strayfawn Studio said they would be adding a petting animation.

Did this Wandering Village guide help you communicate with your Onbu? See our The Wandering Village Section for more walkthroughs.