How to Get More Villagers in The Wandering Village

Having trouble growing your populace in The Wandering Village? Here's how to get more villagers to add to your town.

Unlike other city sims, in The Wandering Village, your villagers don’t seem to have children. Indeed, your populace will be made up of adult Nomads that wander the world and that you can acquire as your Onbu traverses the landscape. However–sometimes, there might be a long stretch where you don’t encounter anyone, which leads to the question of how to get more villagers in The Wandering Village

How to Get More Villagers in The Wandering Village

To get more villagers in The Wandering Village, click the Map icon under your Onbu’s profile picture when you encounter new people, or use your Scavenger Hut to send out expeditions to find more Nomads. 

See below for a step-by-step guide on both methods.

Method 1: Finding Nomads on Your Journey

To find Nomads to add to your village: 

  1. Zoom out to the main map by scrolling the mouse wheel down. 
  2. Look for a group of people on the road you’re traveling on. 
  3. Click the Map icon that pops up under the Onbu profile picture as you reach the people on the road. 
  4. Select Pick them up and click Commit

The villagers will then be added to your populace. Before adding more villagers, make sure you have enough food stored. 

Some villagers will carry Poison, which will spread throughout your village. The instances of poisoning seem to increase in biomes where there are a lot of contaminated areas. Having a Village Doctor will help to prevent devastating outbreaks. 

Method 2: Sending out Scavenger Parties 

To find villagers using the Scavenger Hut in The Wandering Village: 

  1. Research the Scavenger Hut under the Village tab in your Research menu. 
  2. Click the Building Menu icon or hit B on your keyboard. 
  3. Select the Exploration tab on the right of your bottom toolbar. 
  4. Click Scavenger Hut and place it near the edge of your Onbu’s back.
  5. Select the Scavenger Hut and press the Open Map button. 
  6. Click any Settlements or buildings that you see. 
  7. Press the Send Party button. 
  8. When your Scavenger Party returns, there’s a chance they will bring back Nomads with them. 

Nomads will join your village based on the existing Happiness. Happiness is dictated by housing, food quantity & variety, and how healthy your populace is.

Remember not to grow your populace too large too fast, or else you may have trouble keeping everyone fed and healthy. While it seems terrible not to accept new Nomads when given a chance, you should do so gradually when you’re ready or at max employment and need more people to fill jobs. 

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