How to Get Jackie’s Gun in Cyberpunk 2077

If you want to get Jackie Welles' iconic pistols for yourself, here's where you can find them.

Jackie Welles is V’s sidekick in Cyberpunk 2077, destined to become a Night City legend. He worked with V for Dexter DeShawn, one of night city’s most well-known fixers. Jack was known to dual-wield two pistols, which he called La Chingona Dorada, or “the golden girls.” Here’s how to get Jackie’s gun in Cyberpunk 2077.

As a disclaimer, the post below contains spoilers. If you have yet to play through the main story, we recommend first doing so if you’re sensitive to spoilers.

How to Get Jackie’s Gun in Cyberpunk 2077

To get Jackie’s gun in Cyberpunk 2077, you’ll need to complete the Heroes side job and pick it up at the El Coyote Cojo bar 24 hours after the funeral.

After completing the Heist, Cyberpunk 2077’s prolog mission, the Heroes side job will show up. When you’re in the Delemain cab, you’ll be presented with three options for where to send Jackie’s body:

  • Nowhere. Wait for me here.
  • Take him home, to his family.
  • Take him to Vik Vektor’s clinic.

Choosing to send Jackie’s body to his family activates the Heroes side job, which will be available in your quest log. After sending Jackie’s body to his family, Mama Welles will give you a call the next day. Call back Mama Welles, and she’ll invite you to Jackie’s funeral in Heywood.

Go to El Coyote Cojo in Heywood, and you’ll find Mama Welles making funeral preparations. Speak with her and take Jackie’s bike keys to get his bike. After the funeral concludes, exit the bar and skip ahead for 24 hours. Go back inside the bar, and you’ll find Jackie’s pistols on the table in the back where the funeral was being held.

How to Get Jackie's Gun in Cyberpunk 2077
Screenshot via Cyberpunk 2077

How to Get Jackie’s Guns if Mama Welles Doesn’t Have His Body

If you chose the option to send Jackie’s body to Vik Viktor’s clinic, there’s still a way to get Jackie’s gun.

Option 1: Use Mods

Another way to get Jackie’s gun is simply by spawning it into the game. You can use the Categorized All-in-One Command List. This mod is a full list of commands for the Cyber Engine Tweaks console. The command you want to use is:

    Game.AddToInventory("Items.sq018_jackie_handgun", 1)

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Option 2: Random Drop

It’s been reported that if you send Jackie’s body to Vik Viktor’s clinic, you can still find Jackie’s pistols randomly in Night City. In ESO’s video, he reports that players noted finding Jackie’s guns in south Watson area. The drop seems totally random, and we were not able to replicate it, so take it with a grain of salt.

If you’re after the pistol just to have it, we recommend the previous solution as it’s much more reliable.

Cyberpunk 2077 La Chingona Dorada

Jackie’s pistols are called La Chingona Dorada, and they are rare power pistols. You can upgrade the pistols into a pair of legendary ones to unlock an additional mod slot. 

To upgrade Jackie’s pistol, you’ll need to upgrade it to epic quality and then legendary quality. As mentioned, the legendary variant gives the pistol an extra mod slot, as well as a random stat. The Power modifier makes bullets ricochet off surfaces.

As a side note, most players will likely pick up Jackie’s gun early on in the story. Weapons scale to your current level, so, of course, picking up the weapon earlier will hinder its DPS. Not to worry, though, because you can upgrade the weapon using some components to max out its DPS once you reach level 50.

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