Dead by Daylight Guide for Beginners 

In our Dead by Daylight (DbD) guide for beginners we cover how to play Killer, and Survivor, as well as Perks, items, and Add-ons you should consider.

Dead by Daylight has started its free weekend, and players can experience the base game for free until November 1. Through the years, the game has added a ton of new content, Killers, and mechanics, but the basics remain the same. The in-game tutorial covers the basics, but newbie players would benefit from some extra info. Read ahead for our Dead by Daylight guide for beginners.

How to Play Dead by Daylight

In Dead by Daylight, there are Killer and Survivor players. The Survivors’ goal is to repair Generators and evade the Killer so they can eventually escape. Killers need to stop Survivors by Downing and Hooking them. 

How to Play Survivor in Dead by Daylight

To win, Survivors need to know how to extend chases by looping around the map and saving their resources so they can eventually escape the Killer.

Looping in DbD

Killers run faster than Survivors. That said, there’s a way to buy more time off the same distance. Find a structure with a Pallet or Window in it. Then, run around it in tight circles until the Killer is so close you have to use it or get hit. This technique is called Looping. 

Combine this with peeking back at the Killer during chases. They often change direction or ready their Power to end the chase early. React as needed.

Preserving Resources and Saving Teammates

Pallets are gone once Killers break them. Windows (temporarily) get blocked off when used too much. Each Survivor gets 3 Hook States before they’re out of the game. 

If the Killer burns these resources fast enough, Survivors can’t recover. Sometimes, the answer is to get hit or downed to save a Teammate or a Pallet for later. If even 1 Survivor dies, the power shifts in the Killer’s favor. 

Killers that sit right in front of Hooked Survivors are the exception; push Generators and make sure that’s the only kill they get.

How to Play Killer in Dead by Daylight

To win as killer in Dead by Daylight, Killers need to know how to cut chases short and keep Survivors busy so that they can kill them to win the game.

See our DbD Killer tier list to see who’s the best.

Know how to mind game 

Killers project a red light that lets Survivors know they’re close. Use this in chases (e.g., around tall walls) by looking one way but walking another. Pretend to circle around a Pallet gap only to lunge through at the last second. Keep Survivors guessing.

Many Killer Powers and Perks also make Loops less safe; experiment with them. Fake using Powers (or not having Perks) to push Survivors in another direction. It takes practice, but it’s fun and saves time.

Use Time Wisely

The Killer’s biggest issue is time. Chase 1 Survivor and 3 are Repairing. Leave chase experts alone until Pallets are gone, or the team is busy healing or rescuing. Leave a downed Survivor if there’s another within reach. Get an easy first hit, then let them look for a way to heal. Waste their time so you have more.

Dead by Daylight Perks, Items, Add-ons, and Offerings

These are unlocked by traversing the Bloodweb to level up. They help Survivors and Killers in Trials. Killers don’t get Items; their Add-ons affect their Power instead. Perks, Items, and Add-ons help with things like:

  • Chasing and being Chased
  • Healing, Hurting, and preventing them
  • Repairing Generators and Regressing them
  • Finding Survivors and hiding from Killers

Use a couple of slots in your loadout to help where your skills are lacking and a couple to help you excel in the tasks you do well. Read the full description; don’t bring anything that clashes with the rest of the loadout. Some of these are specific about when and how they work. If that situation never comes up, it’s wasted. 

Offerings include point bonuses and other effects for the duration of 1 Trial. Outside of changing the map, they don’t have as big an impact.

That’s the end of our Dead by Daylight Dead by Daylight Guide for Beginners. 

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