Dead by Daylight Shrine of Secrets (November 15, 2022)

Bring new tricks to the Trials with this week’s Shrine of Secrets.

The Shrine of Secrets in Dead by Daylight has refreshed its Perk offerings for Survivors and Killers. Visiting the Shrine of Secrets can give players new options for their character of choice. Players that have already unlocked everything can still cash in Iridescent Shards for Bloodpoints. Read ahead for the Dead by Daylight Shrine of Secrets Perks for November 15, 2022.

Dead by Daylight Shrine of Secrets (November 15, 2022)

If players already have Tier 1 of a Perk unlocked, they can unlock the latter Tiers instead. Anyone that has fully unlocked a Perk in the Shrine can instead trade Iridescent Shards for Bloodpoints; each fully unlocked Perk is worth 100,000 BP.

On the Killer side, the Shrine has the Perks Spirit Fury and Zanshin Tactics.

  • Spirit Fury is a powerful Chase Perk. After breaking some Pallets, the next Pallet to Stun the Killer will break automatically. This is strongest combined with Enduring to decrease the Stun duration.
  • Zanshin Tactics is an Info Perk. It shows the Auras of Pallets, Breakable Walls, and Vault locations. It’s strongest on newbie Killers that don’t know the map layouts yet.

For the Survivors, the Shrine offers the Perks Sprint Burst and Breakout

  • Sprint Burst is a Running Perk that gives a burst of speed at the start of the Chase. Survivors that are less skilled at escaping can use this to make easy distance; hopefully convincing the Killer to go after someone else. Vigil can help by shortening the Exhaustion Timer.
  • Breakout is a Rescue Perk. Being near a Carried Survivor lets them wiggle free faster and gives the Rescuer the Haste effect to avoid the Killer’s swings. Rescuers should be ready to run when the Carried teammate breaks free.

What is the Shrine of Secrets?

The Shrine of Secrets is the Perk store in Dead by Daylight. Its offerings change weekly. Using Iridescent Shards, players can unlock up to 4 Perks, 2 for Killer and 2 for Survivors. This is a good option for Characters with only 1 Perk a player is interested in.

This week’s Shrine of Secrets will run from November 15-22, 2022. You can see what was included last week here.

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