Dead by Daylight The Ghost Face Builds 

What’s your favorite scary movie? Leave Survivors trembling with our Dead by Daylight The Ghost Face Best Builds Guide.

The Ghost Face, aka Danny Johnson, added to Dead by Daylight in 2019, is a fun character. Behaviour’s version of the classic slasher is a focused man with an eye for detail, which influences every part of his kit. In this guide, we take a look at some of thee best Dead by Daylight The Ghost Face builds.

The best DbD builds for The Ghost Face focus on Map Awareness and building off his Stealth Power.

Dead by Daylight Best The Ghost Face Builds

These are the best The Ghost Face builds in Dead by Daylight:

  • Totem Expert
  • Smarts over Strength
  • Hit and Run

Totem Expert

The Totem Expert build focuses on Map Awareness and Survivor Debuffs using Hex Perks.

Here are the Perks and Add-ons in the Totem Expert build:


  • Outdoor Security Camera (Ultra Rare)
  • Olsen’s Address Book (Uncommon)


  • Hex: Plaything (From the Spirit)
  • Hex: Retribution (From The Deathslinger)
  • Hex: Pentimento (From The Artist)
  • Shattered Hope (Base Perk)

The Add-ons give Ghost Face extra ways to track Survivors not tied to his Perks. This is important; Hex Perks are vulnerable by design.

PlaythingRetribution, and Pentimento is the main combo. After their first Hook, Survivors cannot hear the Terror Radius so Ghost Face can ambush them even without his Power. This forces Surviors to cleanse Totems, which directly plays into the Killer’s hands with Retribution and Pentimento. If Ghost Face can relight all 5 Totems, he has a massive edge over the Survivors that can’t be removed.

Shattered Hope is to help with Boon Totems. Now the Killer can break them outright for Pentimento while providing even more map awareness.

Dead by Daylight The Ghost Face Builds 
Image via Behaviour Interactive

Smarts over Strength

The Smarts over Strength build focuses on stronger Chase power and snowball potential.

Here are the Perks and Add-ons in the Smarts over Strength build:


  • Drop-Leg Knife Sheath (Very Rare)
  • Victim’s Detailed Routine (Very Rare)


  • Scourge Hook: Floods of Rage (From the Onryo)
  • Jolt (Base Perk)
  • Make Your Choice (From the Pig)
  • Surveillance (From the Pig)

While they share a Stalking mechanic, Ghost Face is not Michael Myers. He works smarter, not harder. His Add-ons let him quickly close the gap on a Marked Survivor.

The combo of Stealth and good Add-ons means Ghost Face can end chases quickly near half-fixed Generators, robbing them of progress with Jolt. Surveillance tells him which Generators Survivors have returned to after a Jolt proc. The extra repair noise means he can locate Survivors more easily, especially in the early game. 

Unlike Myers, Ghost Face’s Power doesn’t work if Survivors are looking at him. Make Your Choice gives him another way to get 1-hit Downs. It can also complement his Power to quickly send a Trial out of control. Floods of Rage shows him exactly where to find Survivor Exposed by Make Your Choice. If he’s out of position, he still gets info on the rest of the team.

Hit and Run

The Hit and Run build focuses on Stealth to land easy hits.

Here are the Perks and Add-ons in the Hit and Run build:


  • Walleye’s Matchbook (Common)
  • Olsen’s Wallet (Rare)


  • Save the Best for Last (From The Shape)
  • Shattered Hope (Base Perk)
  • A Nurse’s Calling (From The Nurse)
  • Sloppy Butcher (Base Perk)

The Add-ons are for recharging Ghost Face’s Night Shroud power ASAP. With these Ghost Face has access to it frequently.

Sometimes, when a Survivor is hit, it’s better to follow through. Save the Best for Last means Ghost Face loses less distance after a hit. Sloppy Butcher makes Healing take longer, which adds up across multiple injuries. 

With A Nurse’s Calling, Circle of Healing totems should be left alone. Ghost Face knows exactly where to look for healing Survivors; A Nurse’s Calling helps him home in on them. If they’re running Shadow Step too to block the effect, break them as normal with Shattered Hope.

This was our guide for the best Dead by Daylight The Ghost Face builds. As usual, our comments are open to any missed details or disagreements.

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