Dead Space Remake Trailer Features Updated Mechanics

Take a sneak peek at the upcoming Dead Space Remake trailer

EA and Motive Studios are bringing back the Dead Space franchise by recreating the inaugural action-horror game from 2008, Dead Space. Announced in July last year, we’ve been optimistic about the title and the team bringing it to life. Today they’ve followed up with a gameplay trailer that hints at how the remake will differ from the original. Here’s our take on the Dead Space Remake trailer and details. 

Dead Space Remake Trailer Features Updated Mechanics for a Horror Classic

While we already knew about the graphical improvements, particularly the shooting of necromorphs becoming a more responsive experience, where body parts are damaged before severing, we did spot 1 major feature in the new trailer. 

Dead Space 2023 is going to be using the Zero Gravity system implemented in Dead Space 2 over the original, allowing players to move and rotate in the open air rather than limiting the player to jumping between surfaces with Isaac’s magnetic boots. 

Watch the latest Dead Space Remake gameplay trailer here: 

Any questions about whether this would ultimately affect gameplay were put to rest later in the trailer, where Isaac is found floating food storage compartment to face the Leviathan. In a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment, Isaac gets a “toxic hazard detected” warning that was originally only featured in the Hydroponics Bay proper. It looks like the Leviathan also brought some new tricks, perhaps implementing the “wheezer” enemies that featured only briefly in the 2008 title.

What is the Dead Space Remake Release Date?

This has only added to our excitement surrounding the game’s upcoming release of the Dead Space Remake, which is scheduled for January 27, 2023.

Isaac, the Ishimura will be okay for five minutes. Catch your breath and check our News Section for more updates.