Diablo 3: How to Farm Reusable Parts

Here's how to stock up on Reusable Parts in Diablo 3, a resource material that is usually in short supply.

At the start of a new season, or if you hop back into a season and get power leveled, you may find yourself running out of Reusable Parts. These resource materials come from salvaging white items at the Blacksmith, and you’ll need tons of them for various recipes — whether for crafting or transmuting in Kanai’s Cube. Here’s a guide on where to farm reusable parts, or white items, in Diablo 3.

How to Farm Reusable Parts in Diablo 3

These are the best methods for obtaining Reusable Parts in Diablo 3:

  • Converting Arcane Dust or Veiled Crystals
  • Looting the Armor Stands in Act V
  • Running Nephalim Rifts

Converting Materials using Kanai’s Cube

The first, and perhaps the easiest, way to get Reusable Parts is to convert your other resources into Reusable Parts. To do this, you will need a ton of Arcane Dust or Veiled Crystals, as well as white items. You can buy white items from vendors in any town by making a new character and tossing them in your shared stash tab. 

Then, you’ll want to go to your Kanai’s Cube and use one of the following two recipes:

  • Wrath of Iben Fahd: Converts Veiled Crystals into Reusable Parts
  • Refret of Iben Fahd: Converts Arcane Dust into Reusable Parts

You will need one Death’s Breath, 100 Arcane Dust or Veiled Crystals, and one white item to convert the corresponding resource into Reusable Parts. For example, if you put 100 Arcane Dust, 1 Death’s Breath, and 1 White Item into Kanai’s Cube and hit Transmute, you’ll get 100 Reusable Parts.

Looting Armor Stands in Act V

The next method to obtain white items is to loot armor stands, which you can salvage into Reusable Parts. There’s an abundance of them in the Battlefields in Act V. If you feel like hunting for rare monster packs anyway, you can do it in Act V and loot all the armor stands along the way. You’ll get a decent number of white items in a few minutes.

Running Nephalim Rifts

Similarly, the last method to obtain white items to salvage is to run Nephalim Rifts. You’ll be doing this anyway to farm Greater Rift Keys, so all you need to do is make sure to physically pick up all the white items you see lying around. Do this for a few runs, and also make sure to do the resource conversion technique listed above, and you’ll have plenty of Reusable Parts in no time.

What are Reusable Parts used for in D3?

Reusable Parts are primarily used in Kanai’s Cube Recipes, specifically the recipe Hope of Cain, which is used to upgrade rare items to legendary items. Each transmutation costs 50 Reusable Parts, as well as 50 Arcane Dust, Veiled Crystal, and 25 Death’s Breath. Aside from that, a variety of Blacksmith Recipes also require Reusable Parts, including Set Items and Legendary Items.