Diablo 4: Helltides and Aberrant Cinders Explained

Here's everything you need to know about Helltide events in Diablo 4, including how they work and how to use Cinders.

If you made it to World Tier 3 in Diablo 4, you might wonder how Helltides work in Sanctuary. This endgame activity is turning out to be one of the most exciting things to do in World Tier 3 and beyond, and we’re here to explain how they work. 

What are Helltides in Diablo 4?

Helltides are one-hour-long World Events that occur randomly and occupy a specific Zone in Sanctuary. When a Helltide is active, a portion of the region will be highlighted red, and it will be occupied by servants of Lilith. These empowered enemies are more difficult and have a chance to drop Aberrant Cinders. In addition to Aberrant Cinders, Helltides is also where to find Forgotten Souls, a rare crafting material.

What are Aberrant Cinders?

Aberrant Cinders are a currency that drops from enemies in Helltide regions in Diablo 4. The Aberrant Cinders can be collected and used to open Helltide Chests, which have a chance to drop exclusive items for a particular item slot.

What are Forgotten Souls?

Forgotten Souls are rare crafting materials found in Helltide regions used to upgrade Sacred and Ancestral gear. You will need this material to upgrade Sacred and Ancestral gear to Tier 5 and beyond at the Blacksmith, as well as Enchant Sacred and Ancestral items at the Occultist.

Diablo 4 Forgotten Souls

Helltide Chests

The best Helltide Chest to open in the Helltide zones are the Tortured Gift of Mysteries. These chests require 175 Cinders to open and can drop between 3 to 5 Legendary quality items, Elixirs, and other resources. 

The Tortured Gift of Mysteries chest, unlike the other Helltide Chests, does not show up on the map and must be discovered manually by exploring the Helltide area, but it will appear on your map once you are close to the chest. These are two opportunities to loot Tortured Gift of Mysteries chests within the one-hour duration of a Helltide event, so players will need to collect 350 total Cinders and locate both chests during that timeframe.

Lower-quality Helltide Chests, on the other hand, are visible by opening your map and zooming into the location. Helltide Chests have specific names that reference a certain item slot. For example, the Tortured Gift of Helms chest has a higher chance of dropping Legendary Helmets for your character.

Overall, Helltides are a fun endgame activity in Diablo 4 and a great way to earn lots of experience and loot in the Overworld. We recommend doing Helltides whenever they are available and ensuring you collect 175 Aberrant Cinders to open up the Tortured Gift of Mysteries to maximize your loot.