Diablo 4 Open Beta: Rogue Build

Here's our best Diablo 4 Open Beta Rogue build to try out this weekend.

The Diablo 4 Open Beta starts on March 24, 2023, and Rogue players who want to make the most of their playtime might be looking for a build. Here are the Rogue Skills, Aspects, and Enchantments you need to know to excel during the beta.

Players looking to min/max their characters during the Diablo 4 Open Beta should have a game plan going into their weekend. Though there’s a level 25 level cap, players can still make the most of their time by maxing their damage and survivability. This guide will cover the best Diablo 4 Rogue Build, so you don’t have to spend time tinkering with your skills and aspects.

Diablo 4 Open Beta Rogue Build

Puncture Enhanced Puncture, Fundamental Puncture
FlurryEnhanced Flurry, Improved Flurry
Poison TrapEnhanced Poison Trap, Countering Poison Trap
Shadow ImbuementEnhanced Shadow Imbuement
Shadow ClonePrime Shadow Clone
Diablo 4 Open Beta Rogue Build

The basis for this build centers around utilizing the Poison Trap Enhancement, Countering Poison Trap, which has a 20% chance to reduce Imbuement Skill Cooldowns when activated. Combine this with a few key aspects that also reduce your Poison Trap cooldown, and you’ll be able to spam Shadow Imbuement much faster than otherwise, exponentially increasing your damage output.


The key Aspects for this build include Synergy, which reduces the Cooldown of your next Subterfuge Skill, giving you a chance to reduce the cooldown of your Imbuement Skills because of Countering Poison Trap.

Another essential Aspect is Encircling Blades, which increases the damage enemies in a circle around you and boosts your Flurry damage. Lastly, the Explosive Verve Aspect makes it so that your Grenade Skills count as Trap Skills, and you’ll also gain additional mobility via increased movement speed.

Optional Aspects that can further enhance your damage include the Shadowslicer, Siphoned Protection, and Deflecting Barrier.

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Skills Breakdown

Puncture and Flurry will be your core attack skills. Players only need to invest one point into the base Puncture, as we’ll be relying more on our Flurry because we’ll be receiving reduced cooldowns from our other items and abilities. Max all out points in Flurry to increase its damage. Enhanced Flurry gives us some life steal, improving survivability.

We only need to put a single point in Dash, as we’ll be using this as our primary escape method. We can also invest 3 points into Weapon Mastery to increase our damage output even further to Vulnerable enemies.

Players will want to max out their Poison Trap, as the Countering Poison Trap enhancement makes it so that we’ll want to use it as much as possible.

Players can put a single point in Shadow Imbuement and Enhanced Shadow Imbuement for now, as these are the prerequisites for getting Shadow Clone. After the beta period, there’s a good chance investing more points into Shadow Imbuement will make sense.


Rogue Specialization unlocks at level 15 after completing the True Potential quest. After completing the quest, you’ll unlock the first Rogue Specialization: Combo Points. Inner Sight, another Specialization, is unlocked at level 20. Combo Points are more effective for the open beta as they empower your Flurry and enable you to dish out damage quicker.

  • Combo Points: Increase Flurry damage and grant a +30% Attack Speed bonus: +25%/+50%/+75% damage, 1.5/3.0/4.5-second bonus.

Combo points increase the attack speed of Flurry, which, when combined with Shadow Imbuement and Shadow Clone, can completely delete the screen in a matter of seconds.

That’s our best Diablo 4 Rogue build. Visit our Diablo 4 section for more guides and walkthroughs.