Diablo 4: Where to Find Scattered Prism

If you are looking to socket your Legendary Items but have no idea where to find Diablo 4 Scattered Prism, this guide will tell you exactly what you need to do. 

In Diablo 4, players can visit the Jewler in town to socket items for gems, but to do so, they need what’s known as a Scattered Prism. These rare items can only be obtained in a specific way, so if you need them but can’t find them, keep reading. 

Where to Find Diablo 4 Scattered Prism

Scattered Prism is one of the most rare items in Diablo 4 and is used to socket items for gems. To get Scattered Prism, players must defeat World Bosses like Ashava The Pestilent, within the designated period. Once defeated, players will receive one Scattered Prism.

Scattered Prisms Diablo 4

Visit the World Boss area at the designated times by following the World Boss Spawn Times. High-level players will find it easier to take out the bosses. At the time of writing, a maximum of 12 players at a time per layer can participate in the World Boss challenge. 

World Boss Diablo 4

How to Socket Items in Diablo 4

Once you’ve acquired the Scattered Prism from downing a World Boss, visit the Jeweler in town and click the Add Socket tab. Drag the item you want to socket in the top slot, then click the Add Socket button. Keep in mind, this process will consume your Scattered Prism.

Add Socket Diablo 4

Here’s a breakdown of the number of sockets a piece of gear can have:

  • 1-Handed Weapon: 1 Socket
  • 2-Handed Weapon: 2 Sockets
  • Amulet: 1 Socket
  • Bow: 2 Sockets
  • Chest: 2 Sockets
  • Focus: 1 Socket
  • Helm: 1 Socket
  • Pants: 2 Sockets
  • Ring: 1 Socket

And there you have it! Now you should know where to find Scattered Prism and how to use it in Diablo 4. It is one of the harder items to get — so make sure that you’re saving it for end-game gear since you won’t be able to get many of them since World Boss encounters are limited. 

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