How to Get Glowing Shards in Diablo Immortal

Learn how to get more Glowing Shards in Diablo Immortal, so you can level up your gear to the highest level possible.

Diablo Immortal has a dozen different in-game currencies and upgrade materials. Keeping track of them all can be a lot, so we’re here to help with one of the more important ones you want to stockpile. We’re talking about Glowing Shards. These materials are used to upgrade your primary armor slots, and you’ll need a lot of them as you reach higher levels. Here’s how to get Glowing Shards in Diablo Immortal.

The in-game prompt says to complete dungeons for Glowing Shards, but that’s not very specific. We’d like to give you more details about how to accomplish this so you can level up your items efficiently.

How to Get Glowing Shards in Diablo Immortal

To get Glowing Shards in Diablo Immortal:

  • Salvage Legendary items and Set items.
  • Claim the Free Daily Rewards from the in-game Shop.
  • Complete the world event in Dark Wood.

Obtaining Glowing Shards by Salvaging

Glowing Shards can be acquired by salvaging Legendary items and Set items in Diablo Immortal. Visit a Blacksmith in any town, and tap on the Services button. Go to the Salvage tab and select Legendary items or Set items from your inventory to salvage. Each Legendary and Set item you salvage will grant you one Glowing Shard.

If you don’t already know, Legendary items are random world drops. The best way to get them is by collecting Monstrous Essences and completing Bestiary pages. Every first Ancient Elite (orange) you slay is also a guaranteed Legendary drop, and subsequent Ancient Elites have a higher chance to drop them than other mobs by default. As for set items, you have a chance to find those by running any dungeon and killing the dungeon boss.

Claiming the Free Daily Bundle

The easiest way to get one Glowing Shard every day is by claiming the Free Daily Rewards from the in-game Shop. Open up your Shop menu, and navigate to the Bundles tab. Every day, you will see a Free Daily Rewards bundle that you can claim for free. Remember to take advantage of these freebies because they don’t stack up if you miss them one day.

Diablo Immortal Free Daily Bundle

Obtaining Glowing Shards from the Tree of Inifuss

However, salvaging high-quality items is not the only way to get Glowing Shards. Another way to get them is by purifying the corruption and visiting the Tree of Inifuss in Dark Wood. After purifying the corruption by slaying monsters in the area, interact with the Tree of Inifuss, and defeat your clone. The clone has a chance to drop a Glowing Shard, which is an easy way to acquire more of them without having to grind out Legendary items.

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