Diablo Immortal Rift Simulator: Experience the Grief of Elder Rifts Without Wasting $25

The results are just as bad as the real thing

A user on GitHub recreated the Diablo Immortal Elder Rift experience, so you don’t have to spend your hard-earned money to get that dopamine hit. The code is open source, so you can inspect and see the rates are equal to the actual in-game Legendary Gem drop rates.

  • const gem_types = [1, 2, 5]; 
  • const gem_probabilities = [0.754, 0.201, 0.045]; 
  • const five_star_gem_types = [2, 3, 4, 5] 
  • const five_star_probabilities = [0.75, 0.2, 0.04, 0.01];

If you’ve been itching to run Elder Rifts, you can use this Diablo Immortal Rift Simulator to get the same experience as a paying user. Of course, you don’t get to equip the gems on your character, but seeing as how the entire game difficulty scales to your combat rating, who cares?

Quin69, a popular Twitch streamer, Diablo aficionado, and self-proclaimed scientist, was turned onto the rift simulator from his chat while live streaming. He immediately tried it out and got two 5/5 5-star Legendary Gems after spending a few thousand imaginary dollars on 10-crest rifts. In reality, Quin is having much worse luck. He’s currently spent NZ$ 23,975 in Diablo Immortal without seeing a single 5/5 5-star gem drop.

Quin69 simulating elder rifts on stream

Each 10-crest rift costs about $25 USD in Diablo Immortal. Each legendary crest you throw into the rift guarantees one Legendary gem. The chance of getting a 5-star gem is 4.5%, but that 5-star gem can be 2, 3, 4, or 5-star, and those chances are 75%, 20%, 5%, and 1%, respectively. That means the actual chances of getting a perfect 5/5 5-star Legendary gem is about 0.045% per crest.

The rift simulator has a button conveniently labeled with the words “Waste $25” to simulate an Elder Rift run.

According to PCMag, Diablo Immortal has earned Blizzard over $24 million in its first two weeks, despite being a free-to-play game. We sourced the numbers from Appmagic, a mobile data aggregation website that estimates revenue generated from mobile games.