Diablo Immortal The Fractured Plane: Details and Rewards

Here's everything you need to know about The Fractured Plane, the new Diablo Immortal limited-time event.

Diablo Immortal’s latest mini-update introduces a new limited-time event called The Fractured Plane. If you want to know what it’s all about, we’ve outlined everything you need to know about Diablo Immortal’s The Fractured Plane event below. We recommend giving it a readthrough before diving into the event so you can have a plan of attack for an easy, full clear.

The Fractured Plane is a Diablo Immortal limited-time event active from August 17 to September 14, 2022.

How to Start The Fractured Plane in Diablo Immortal

To start The Fractured Plane event in Diablo Immortal, open your Events tab and select The Fractured Plane. The quest will lead you to speak with Cain in his Workshop in Westmarch. After assisting Cain with a few tasks and visiting the Curator, you’ll be able to enter The Fractured Plane from Cain’s Workshop.

Diablo Immortal The Fractured Plane Details and Rewards
Screenshot via Gamer Digest/Diablo Immortal

How Does The Fractured Plane Work in Diablo Immortal?

The Fractured Plane is a 15-floor gauntlet-style limited-time event. Upon entering, players will be assigned four random class-specific skills to work with throughout the entire gauntlet. You’ll also start without any gear and can acquire gear by clearing floors successfully.

Be warned, your life is very limited, and you only get five total resurrects, so play passively and intelligently. The event is like a skills test to see how well you can utilize a random set of class skills. After clearing each wave of enemies, you’ll typically get some Chaos Coins. In addition to Chaos Coins, an Equipment Rack will spawn after each clear, containing three choices: two random pieces of class-specific gear and a bundle of Chaos Coins.

What are Chaos Coins used for in The Fractured Plane? Well, players can spend Chaos Coins at the Chaos Broker to buy Shards of Fortune or gear. Shards of Fortune increase the chance of finding higher quality items in the Fractured Plane, whether it’s via the Equipment Rack or the Chaos Broker’s inventory. You can purchase a total of 10 Shard of Fortune to increase your Fortune Rating to 10. This maxes out your odds of finding five-star gear.

Diablo Immortal The Fractured Plane Equipment
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If you opt for some gear at any point, be sure to go into your backpack and equip it to your character. Any unequipped gear will automatically be sold for Chaos Coins after going through the portal at the end of each floor. Lastly, you can also spend Chaos Coins to buy health in the same area as the Chaos Broker.

Let’s talk about Shards of Fortune, a critical item you’ll need in your run. As long as you can comfortably kill each wave without dying, you should spend your Chaos Coins on a Shard of Fortune from the Chaos Broker. Then, you will get higher star items from the Equipment Racks. Items go up to five stars, with damage and life substantially increasing each tier.

You’ll also encounter bonus stages, including levels full of Loot Goblins and Challenge Chests that grant massive amounts of Chaos Coins. Other mobs include Elites and Rares, which drop a Health Potion, and randomized Bosses from different Diablo Immortal dungeons. After each boss clear, you can choose one of three random Blessings that grant you some passive buffs for your clear.

Diablo Immortal The Fractured Plane - Loot Goblin Level
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What are the Rewards for The Fractured Plane in Diablo Immortal?

The rewards for The Fractured Plane in Diablo Immortal are:

  • Clear Level 3: 5000 Gold, 30 Scrap Materials
  • Clear Level 6: 10000 Gold, 60 Scrap Materials, 5 Enchanted Dust
  • Clear Level 9: 15000 Gold, 120 Scrap Materials, 10 Enchanted Dust
  • Clear Level 12: 30000 Gold, 200 Scrap Materials, 15 Enchanted Dust, 400 Hilts
  • Clear Level 15: 5 Glowing Shard, 800 Hilts

That’s everything you need to know about The Fractured Plane event. It resets weekly every Wednesday and rewards Battle Pass points via the Codex.

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