Dinkum Mods – Best Mods for Dinkum

Looking to enhance your Dinkum game? Here are all the best mods for Dinkum early-access available right now.

Even though the base game of Dinkum is wonderful and constantly being improved by developer James Bendon, players still want to get their hands on mods for the game. Luckily, there are eager programmers out there who have already started modifying game files. While adding a mod to this early-access game isn’t as straightforward as downloading it in the Steam client, it’s still doable, and there are a bunch of mods on Nexusmods. We’ve gathered all of the best Dinkum mods here and broke them into categories to make it easier for you. 

Keep in mind you’ll need to download 3rd party software, and we can’t verify the integrity of these files as they may have been updated since the time of writing. It’s more than possible that modding will be made easier once the full-release game comes out. 

If you need help installing Dinkum mods, please see the bottom of this article for instructions. 

Dinkum Mods – Best Mods for Dinkum

Quality of Life Mods

  • Autopickup: It does exactly what it says; it auto-picks up items in your vicinity. No need to wear out that mouse anymore. 
  • Time Management: Does it annoy you that you can never pause the game? This mod is for you. 
  • Extended Wheelbarrow: Tired of your wheelbarrow running out of space? You can be a pro landscaper with this mod. 
  • Improved Minimap: If the game’s minimap underwhelms you, Improved Minimap is a good choice. For this mod, you’ll need to take a few extra steps to access the settings, so read the instructions on the mod page. 

Information Mods

  • Museum Tooltip: Want to know more about the bugs and fish in your Museum? Download this mod. 
  • Value Tooltip: Trying to make Dinks Quick? This mod tells you what items sell for. 
  • Pick Up Details: The name says it all. See details of things before picking them up. 

Gameplay Cheats Mods

  • GetMore: Tired of making piddly Dinks for your efforts? Get more of EVERYTHING with this mod. 
  • Communism for Town Debt: Tired of your villagers not pitching in their fair share? This mod reduces your town debt faster. 
  • Easy Fishing: If your fish have slipped away for the 10th time, this mod is made for you.  

How to Install Dinkum Mods

To install Dinkum mods: 

  1. Install BepinEx 6.
  2. Download the mod you want to use. 
  3. Extract the .dll file to the Dinkum/BepinEx/plugins folder. 
  4. Start Dinkum and verify that the mod loads. 

Now you can modify your Dinkum game in any way that you want! Let us know in the comments below if you had any issues with this mod or if there’s primo mods you think we missed. 

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