Modern Warfare 2 DMZ: Ashika Island Weapon Case Rewards

Here are all seven weapon case rewards in Ashika Island for Modern Warfare 2's (MW2) DMZ mode.

The new DMZ and Resurgence map Ashika Island is finally here, and with it comes lots of new content and rewards. One Easter Egg allows you to unlock seven different rewards by extracting a secret weapon case. In this guide, we’ll take a look at all seven weapon case rewards in Ashika Island, and give you some tips on where to find the case and how to get in and out safely.

All Weapon Case Rewards in Ashika Island

Here are all seven weapon case rewards in Ashika Island:

  • P890 Backup Plan Weapon Blueprint
  • Aces Emblem
  • Full House Calling Card
  • Bear With Me Weapon Sticker
  • Triple Threat Loading Screen
  • Full House Emblem
  • TAQ-56 Fight Night Weapon Blueprint

Ashika Island Weapon Case Location

The weapon case is always in the center of Ashika Island in the Castle. There are multiple ways into the Castle, so it’s up to you how you want to proceed. Entering near the SAM, you will encounter a small Wilson tank driving around. You can deal with this by using Thermite or explosives. After taking out the Wilson, you can interact with it to gain access to the Castle.

A safer way into the Castle is through the underground route, as it’s a little less known to the general public at the time of writing. There will be lots of AI-controlled enemies on this route.

DMZ Ashika Island Weapon Case Location

Remember to deal with all the cameras by shooting them to deactivate them. Getting spotted by the cameras will result in you and your squad getting swarmed by AI-controlled enemies. You’ll know if you’ve been spotted because an alert will pop up on your screen.

Remember, when you pick up the weapon case, every player on the map can track its position. That means you’ll need to be extremely cautious when trying to exfil. Hopefully, you have a vehicle hidden away somewhere nearby so you can book it to an exfil point. Alternatively, you can take the underground exit by going down the stairs near the entrance to the Castle.

As for some tips to get the weapon case easier, you can have multiple squadmates run DDoS to temporarily deactivate all of the traps and other obstacles around the Castle.

There you have it; those are the seven weapon case rewards for the DMZ Ashika Island Easter Egg. Hopefully, you are able to unlock all of them without too much trouble!