Dr Disrespect May Join Kick — for the Right Price

The question remains, will Kick bite on the $50 million offer?

Dr Disrespect, the popular online personality, and YouTube gaming streamer, recently announced his intentions to join the Twitch competitor for the right price. 

Dr Disrespect, real name Herschel Beahm IV, the popular former Twitch personality, now YouTube streamer, recently announced his intentions to stream on the streaming platform Kick.com. Short and simple, the Doc wrote on Twitter: 

50 million is my number…

Though Kick did not officially respond to the offer, they have gone on a recent spree, acquiring popular streaming personalities like xQc and Amaouranth, pulling them from Twitch, Kick’s main competitor. They also replied directly to the post with thumbs up — indicating they might bite.

Important to note — many, if not all, of these streaming deals, are non-exclusive, meaning that Doc, or any other streamer for that matter, will still be able to stream on other platforms (if it isn’t against ToS). 

Indeed, Dr Disrespect, though not as popular as in his heights on Twitch, maintains a 4.38 million subscriber count and averages around 21,000 concurrent viewers on YouTube. However — it might not be the viewer count that is the most valuable asset if the Doc decides to stream on the upcoming platform — rather, it’s the name that comes along with it. 

As we reviewed in our Is Twitch in Trouble article, it’s not so much the raw stats that might matter with this series of acquisitions. Rather, it’s increasing the brand’s recognition and enabling them to be in the conversation when talking about online streaming platforms. 

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