Dragon Ball: The Breakers Patch Notes (November 18)

Raider buffs and endgame tweaks in the DBTB November 18, 2022 update.

Dragon Ball: The Breakers continue to tweak their game balance to keep the game fun for both sides of the player base. The last Survivor tweaks helped push more combat into the Super Time Machine Defense phase. Raider is getting some attention, too, with the Dragon Ball: The Breakers patch notes for November 18, 2022.

Dragon Ball: The Breakers Patch Notes (November 18)

The Dragon Ball: The Breakers patch notes for November 18, 2022, include:

Raider Improvements

The Raider’s Rush Damage (Charging Survivors to deliver a volley of hits) has been adjusted. Instead of dealing most of the damage in the last hit, the Raider will deal more damage with each hit in the chain. Survivors can escape this by using Attacks and Skills. Ki Blasts are also changed, making them easier to land at higher evolution levels.

Raiders are now penalized less when being attacked by multiple Survivors. Ganging up on the Raider with Rush Attacks is less effective, and Stun/Slow Skills are weaker when used in tandem.

Raider Super Attack Buffs

The Raider’s Super Attacks have also been buffed. Level 4 Super Attacks (Not the Ultimate versions) have a lower cooldown. They’ve also made several Super Attacks easier to land; they’re included below:

  • Cell
    • Level 3: Gravity Impact
    • Level 4: All Clear
  • Frieza
    • Level 1: Death Wave
    • Level 3: Crazy Finger Shot
    • Level 4: Death Slash
  • Buu
    • Level 1: Crush Launcher
    • Level 2: Innocence Cannon
    • Level 4: Vanishing Ball

Survivor Nerfs

Survivors get a small nerf here, needing more Change Power for Level 3 and a smaller boost from Level 4. Shenron has been the tie-breaker in many of our recent matches, so now the Dragon Balls are a little less valuable. 

Rate of the Match Adjustments

In exchange for Power Key install progress being retained, the process now takes longer. The Super Time Machine now starts up faster but gets a smaller bonus from Survivors speeding up the process. The Raider can also destroy the Super Time Machine more quickly, and they lose less progress over time when Survivors force them into combat.

Those are the November 18 patch notes for Dragon Ball: The Breakers. We’re curious how Survivors and Raiders will adapt to these new changes. Our last Raider match would have been a victory if these changes were live then, so we’ll have to see what the role is like now. 

The full announcement of balance changes can be read here.

I actually would have won my last Raider match if these changes had been live then. We cover Dragon Ball: The Breakers and other titles in our News Section.