Dragon Ball: The Breakers New Transpheres Introduced (October 2022)

The new Dragon Ball: The Breakers Transpheres turn the tides on the Raiders

Raider Abilities are coming to Survivors in Dragon Ball: The Breakers. According to the official The Breakers Twitter, the asymmetric action game is adding new Transpheres on October 28, 2022, at 2 a.m. ET / 11 p.m. CEST, based on the current Raider cast. Here’s what we know about the Dragon Ball: The Breakers new Transpheres being introduced.

Dragon Ball: The Breakers New Transpheres – New Abilities 

The Dragon Ball: The Breakers new Transpheres are coming based on FriezaCell, and Majin Buu. Survivors can now equip them and gain some of their abilities. Here are the ones we know for certain.

Majin Buu Transphere 

Users using the Majin Buu Transphere can access the Go-Go Gum!! active skill. It binds an enemy for a short duration. It was originally specific to Buu for locking down Survivors, but now players can use it against the Raider. 

Activate it to buy time for escaping Survivors or interrupt the Raider when they go for a finishing strike.

Dragon Ball: The Breakers New Transpheres Introduced (October 2022)
Image via Bandai Namco/Dimps Corporation

Frieza Transphere

Next is the Frieza Transphere with the Special Service passive skill. This reduces the cooldown for transforming into a Z Fighter with Dragon Change. Survivors with this skill can contest the Raider more frequently. 

Cell Transphere

Last is the Cell Transphere. Survivors can use the Perfect Kamehameha! Super Attack when taking on Cell’s form with Dragon Change. Super Attacks deal serious damage to the Raider in exchange for a large portion of the Dragon Change energy bar. Be sure to have an escape plan ready after using it.

These are the sorts of gradual additions to the game that will attract new Players and keep old ones coming back. We hope there are more cool abilities on the way. The Transpheres will be available from the Spirit Siphon machine this Friday, so Players should stock up on tickets.

Players can purchase Dragon Ball: The Breakers and gain access to the new Transpheres on the official Steam Store Page.

I can’t wait to hit Majin Buu with his active skill. Keep up to date on Dragon Ball: The Breakers and other titles through our News Section.