Fortnite Heat Levels: What are They and How it Works

Ouch, that's hot.

The recent Fortnite Most Wanted Update that dropped on February 14 introduces a new mechanic called Heat Levels that reveals your location on the map but provides some pretty amazing bonuses. 

If you’re wondering what those new fire emojis ? are in the top left of the screen in Fortnite, it’s your Heat Level. In the latest update, the developers of the game Epic Games added this new mechanic to interact with the brand-new Cold Blooded syndicate NPCs that players can eliminate across the map. 

Fortnite Heat Level

The Heat Level mechanic was added for Fortnite v23.40 Most Wanted Update. Heat Level has four stages that provide special bonuses the more Heat you acquire. To raise your Heat Level, open vaults or eliminate opponents. Keep in mind that any level of Heat will make you visible on the minimap to other players and cause Cold Blooded members to be more hostile toward you. 

The bonuses players can gain for a higher Heat Level include the following: 

  • Level 1: ? Eliminated opponents drop more Bars. 
  • Level 2: ?? Movement speed increases by 15%, regenerate up to 100 Health out of combat.
  • Level 3: ??? Movement speed increases by 20%, regenerate up to 100 Health and 50 Shield out of combat.
  • Level 4: ???? Movement speed increases by 25%, regenerate up to 100 Health and 100 Shield out of combat.

To complete the new Most Wanted Quests, players must raise their Infamy and use Vault Keycards to open special vaults throughout the map, which contain special chests and Legendary items. 

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