Gearbox Opens New Studio in Shanghai

What does the new Shanghai Gearbox Studio mean for the gaming industry?

Gearbox, one of the most well-known game development companies, creators of titles like Borderlands and Tiny Tina’s Wonderlandis opening up a brand new studio in Shanghai, China, according to Gearbox’s Twitter

Gearbox Software is a Texas-based game company established in 1999 by five game developers. Creators of iconic titles like Half-Life and the aforementioned Borderland series, the gaming studio has been one of the most well-known gaming studios in the world. 

This move to Shanghai is no surprise, as China’s gaming market generates 41 billion in revenue and leads the worldwide market, according to Statista

Games like Genshin Impact from miHoYo prove that games created in China can also have wide appeal in the United States and Europe, creating an interesting dynamic between two economic powers in the gaming sphere. 

Shanghai Should Bring More Diversity to Gearbox Games

In addition to creating games for the Chinese market, we can most likely expect a few original titles to crossover to the United States. Afterall, as an AAA developer, Gearbox will probably try to market its games to an international audience. 

This move could create the opportunity to enjoy games with a uniquely Chinese cultural theme. Something that we’ve yet to see from the studio, as most of their games feature American protagonists. Or, perhaps even more exciting, we’ll see some Chinese IP crossovers in upcoming games–something that the ever-growing global gaming community would enjoy. 

Only time will tell how large the impact will be from the new Gearbox offices in Shanghai, but we’ll announce any new games coming from the studio. Those looking for a job or want to transition careers can check out the official Gearbox Careers Page for opportunities to work at the new Chinese offices. 

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