How to Get Pleep in Dinkum

Are you on your way of being a master animal farmer in Dinkum? Here's how to get and care for a Pleep in Dinkum.

If you want to become a master farmer, you’ll eventually want to get the highest farm animal in the game, a Pleep. Pleeps in Dinkum are platypuses that grow fur that you’re able to harvest and turn into Cloth. Here’s how to get a Pleep and care for a Pleep in Dinkum. 

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How to Get Pleep in Dinkum

Here’s how to get a Pleep or Platypus in Dinkum: 

  1. Purchase a Handling Licence Level 3 from Fletch for 3,000 Permit Points. 
  2. Build Erwin’s Barn in your town. 
  3. Visit Erwin’s Barn. 
  4. Walk up to the Pleep and hit the E key
  5. Buy the Pleep for 25,000 Dinks. 
  6. Right-click the Pleep box to pick it up. 
  7. Left click to release the Pleep in a fenced-in area. 

If you don’t yet have Erwin’s Barn Deed as an option with Fletch, you’ll need to improve your relationship with Erwin when he visits your town. Chat with him when he visits, then click the Got a job for me? option. Continue to do jobs for Erwin until his relationship gets high enough with you; then, Erwin’s Barn Deed will become available to you. 

If the Pleep is not in Erwin’s Barn, wait a day and keep checking. Only two animals can show up in the cages in Erwin’s Barn, Pleeps and Vombats, so you’ll have to wait until he has a Pleep available. 

How to Get Pleep in Dinkum
Screenshot via Gamer Digest/Dinkum

Caring for Your Pleep in Dinkum

Here’s how to care and milk your Pleep in Dinkum: 

  1. Buy an Animal Feeder from Erwin for 1,516 Dinks. 
  2. Equip the Animal Feeder to your toolbar and place it in the fenced-in area. 
  3. Fill the Animal Feeder with Animal Food. You can buy food from Erwin or make it in the Grain Mill with 10 Grass Seed or Corn.
  4. Build an Animal Den at the Crafting Table to give your Pleep a place to live. 
  5. Right-click your Pleep to pet it and show it affection. 
  6. Eventually, your Pleep will grow Wool.
  7. Once it’s an adult, purchase a Shears from Erwin for 1,800 Dinks. 
  8. Walk up to your Pleep and left-click with the Shears equipped to receive Wool

You can then hit the ESC key and click the Animals tab to see your Pleep’s happiness! Don’t worry if the happiness is low at first, your Pleep will become happier as you feed and pet it. As the happiness increases in your Pleep, it will become more valuable. 

Once you get Wool, you can process it in the Spinning Wheel to produce Cloth

How to Get Pleep in Dinkum
Screenshot via Gamer Digest/Dinkum

Building an Animal Den

You’ll need to build an Animal Den to give your Pleep a place to sleep. Animal Dens can be built at the Crafting Table.

To build an Animal Stall in Dinkum, you’ll need the following materials: 

  • Bag of Cement x3
  • Stone x4
  • Copper Bar x1
How to Get Pleep in Dinkum
Screenshot via Gamer Digest/Dinkum

And there you have it! Now you now how to get a Pleep and care for it in Dinkum!

Dinkum can be purchased on Steam.

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