Goat Simulator 3: Egg Crackdown Egg Locations

If you’re looking to complete the Goat Simulator 3 Easter challenges, you’ll need to locate all the hidden Easter eggs scattered across the map. 

Egg Crackdown is a mission part of Operation Crackdown Patch For Egg Crackdown, players are tasked with using the RadEars to find and crack a dozen hidden eggs. If you’re the type that likes to get all of the collectibles in these limited-time events, then you’re in luck because we have all 12 Easter Egg locations for the Goat Simulator 3 update. 

Egg Crackdown Egg Locations in Goat Simulator 3

Here are all the Egg locations for the Egg Crackdown event in Goat Simulator 3:

  1. Fairmeadows Ranch: Southern-most small island.
  2. Fairmeadows Ranch: Outside of Pointy Foods Factory on top of tower next to sign.
  3. Suburbsville: On top of the Chatana Yoga building.
  4. Suburbsville: North of Sverige, on top of the garages.
  5. Suburbsville: On top of the pink bowling alley.
  6. Suburbsville: On top of the building with the dolphin statue.
  7. Mornwood Falls: Next to Windtop on a cliff next to the stepped rock mountain.
  8. Mornwood Falls: In the lumber mill on top of a tree stump.
  9. Downtown: To the west, on a floating wooden platform next to the dock.
  10. Downtown: In Port San Angora on the apartment building next to the storage containers.
  11. Goatenburg: In the IRL support group room.
  12. Goatenburg: In the dining area of the Fish Bowl.

Refer to the below map for all 12 hidden Easter Egg locations in the Egg Crackdown mission for the Operation Crackdown update. 

Egg Crackdown Egg Locations in Goat Simulator 3

Players will earn gear from a portal that opens up for each egg they crack. After cracking the first egg, players will receive RadEars, which is essentially a radar for hidden eggs. Many eggs are located high up in hard-to-reach locations, so you’ll have to be creative to find the exact location in the game.

After cracking all 12 Eggs, you’ll be granted a secret quest to crack a Big Egg on Little Island. 

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The Goat Simulator 3 Egg Crackdown quest is a fun scavenger hunt with awesome rewards. 

Goat Simulator Operation Crackdown Rewards

Here’s a list of all the different rewards players can earn in Goat Simulator 3 Operation Crackdown: 

  • Bug Bunny: It’s on brand, that’s all I’ve got to say 
  • Brushy Hooves: It’s just as useless as it sounds like 
  • Flappy Goat: Let’s reminisce about our favorite mini-game from Goat Simulator 1 and all the warm and fuzzy feelings it brought us 
  • Hen Head: Los Pollos Hermanas Capra Edition. Pair this with ‘Unzipped Goat’ for a match made in heaven 
  • Kärring Dress: Evening dress worthy of Blåkulla 
  • Kärring Scarf: Scarfed for life 
  • RadEars: Does this have anything to do with Daniel Radcliffe? Let’s find out 
  • Rubber Rooster feet: No need to claw your horns in 
  • Rubber Rooster head: Annoyance has a new face 
  • Rubber Rooster suit: Enjoy that thick rubbery feel against your skin 
  • Shellmet: Is it a shell? Is it a helmet? Is it both? 
  • Slinger Saddle: Nobody’s riding you; you’re the one who knocks eggs 
  • Turdle Bandana: Even Axl Rose would be jealous of this • Turdle Ears: It’s all ogre now 
  • Turdle Feet: Two-toes reptile slippers. A true fashion statement 
  • Turdle Shell: A shell for true ninja heroes 
  • Turdle Skin: Skin is love, skin is life 
  • Walking Egg Shells: Sounds a lot like my childhood 
  • Unzipped Goat: Get your mind out of the goater, it’s not what you think it is

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