GPO Trello Link, Wiki, and Guide [OFFICIAL] (December 2022)

Are you looking to become the strongest person on your GPO Roblox server? Here's the GPO Trello link and Wiki for you!
GPO Trello Link

GPO, or Grand Piece Online, is a Roblox Experience developed by Grand Quest Games. Much like other Roblox experiences based on One Piece, in GPO, you travel to different islands, seeking treasure and plunder while collecting Devil Fruits. Even though you’ll never truly be Luffy, you can always come close in GPO. See below for the GPO Trello Link!

GPO Trello

The GPO Trello connects the developers to gamers who play the Roblox experience. The GPO Trello sheds more light on what’s going on behind the scenes in Grand Piece Online. On the other hand, the GPO Wiki has almost every detail you’d need to know about the universe, world, missions, and items.

The GPO Trello Link has information about Devil Fruits, the Trading Hub, locations, races, fighting styles, NPCs, Bosses, and more!

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The GPO Trello link is:

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GPO Wiki

The GPO Wiki link is:

GPO Trello Guide

The GPO Trello guide contains the following information:

  • Controls
  • Locations
  • Devil Fruits

GPO Controls

Here are the private server commands for GPO, the Roblox Experience:

  • M: Menu
  • CTRL: Climb
  • P: Sit on your ship
  • WW: Sprint
  • V: Carry
  • B: Grip

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GPO Locations

The current game locations in GPO are:

  • Town of Beginnings
  • Roca Island
  • Sandora
  • Shell’s Town
  • Island of Zou
  • Baratie
  • Orange Town
  • Sphinx Island
  • Shark Park
  • Kori Island
  • Land of the Sky
  • Gravito’s Fort
  • Fishman Island
  • Ryu’s Palace
  • Neptune’s Throne
  • Marine Base G-1
  • Reverse Mountain
  • Coco Island
  • Mysterious Cliff

GPO Devil Fruits

Here’s what players need to know about Devil Fruits in GPO:

  • Devil Fruits spawn every 1-4 hours
  • Devil Fruits despawn after 1 hour
  • Another way to get is by killing ship NPCs that spawn
  • Resetting your Devil Fruits refunds your points
  • Devil Fruits spawn on ANY island with trees

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