Hogwarts Legacy New Gameplay Revealed

Get your wands ready; there's new gameplay footage of Hogwarts Legacy

If you’ve always wanted to immerse in the deep Wizarding World of Harry Potter but were left feeling underwhelmed by the available offerings, you’re not alone. It’s a challenging endeavor to precisely capture the magic that made the Harry Potter movies and books such smash successes. However, this is likely to change in the upcoming Hogwarts Legacy game. Here’s a sneak peek at some new gameplay footage of Hogwarts Legacy.

New Footage of Hogwarts Legacy

The new footage for the game comes via Hogwarts Legacy News on Twitter. 

See the new cinematic below: 

The scene appears to show a potential quest in the game, where some unsavory folks are holding a Hippogriff hostage. 

While the official Twitter for Hogwarts Legacy has remained somewhat tight-lipped about the game thus far, other than the early-release trailer footage, we have seen a few sneak-peaks of how detailed the world will actually be. 

See them below: 

We also get a taste of some of the iconic music in the game. We think this will be for creepier sections, like missions involving the dark arts or the Aragog lair. 

What is Hogwarts Legacy?

Hogwarts Legacy is a massive open-world game set in Harry Potter. In it, you’re a new student at Hogwarts and must learn how to use magic to make it through the Wizarding World.

Hogwarts Legacy enables you to truly immerse in the world, creating your character and then being divided into your house. Will you be Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin? Only your personality can decide that. 

Watch the full early-gameplay trailer for Hogwarts Legacy below: 

And that’s what we know so far about Hogwarts Legacy! We’re super excited for the game to come out, and we’ll keep you updated as more details emerge. 

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