How to Complete the Sinderella Challenge in BitLife

Here's how to complete the Sinderella Challenge in BitLife, and live the life of a sinful princess.

Cinderella the princess, based on the character from Charles Perrault’s fairy tale, is one of the most well-known fictional characters in the world thanks to Walt Disney’s Cinderella film from 1950. This week’s BitLife Challenge asks players to recreate the life of the famous princess, but with a twist. The sinful version of cinderella will do whatever it takes to get the happy ending she wants. Here’s how to complete the Sinderella Challenge in BitLife.

“In this challenge, you’ll be waltzing over a couple bodies in your glass slippers to reach your happy ending.”

How to Complete the Sinderella Challenge in BitLife

To complete the Sinderella Challenge in BitLife:

  • Be born a female commoner
  • Murder a step-parent and step-sibling
  • Become a housekeeper
  • Attend 5+ parties
  • Marry into royalty

The first thing you’ll need to do is start a new life as a female with good looks in a country with a monarchy. Good looks and potentially smarts will help you marry into royalty down the line. That’s the final objective of this week’s challenge, so it’s good to plan ahead.

It’s worth noting that one of the more difficult parts of this BitLife Challenge is to murder a parent and sibling. You’ll have to have a step-parent and step-sibling to do this, which is purely by chance, so it may take you a few lives. When you have your targets in sight, go to the Activities tab and that’s where you’ll find the murder option.

Another thing you will need to do for the Sinderella Challenge is to become a maid. Cinderella was a scullery maid, so to follow in her footsteps, you’ll need to get a gig as a housekeeper. It’s not a difficult task; all you need to do is open the Job tab and find the housekeeper (small business) job.

At any time during your life, you’ll also need to attend five or more parties. Easy enough; just open up the relationships tab, pick a friend, and select the party activity. Make sure not to do anything crazy because we want to be a live and functioning human so we can get married and finish this challenge.

Finally, the last objective is to marry into royalty. The easiest way to do this is by being well-off financially and having good looks. Once that’s taken care of, go into the dating app and keep searching for matches until you find one that’s royalty. Eventually, you’ll hit the jackpot, and as long as you woo them, you should be able to marry them and become a royal.

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