How to Get Legendary Items for Free in Diablo Immortal

Here are eight ways to get Legendary Items for free in Diablo Immortal without having to break open your wallet.

Diablo is a game that’s all about maximizing your character’s gear. You probably already know that Legendary items are the best pieces of primary gear you can equip. But where can you find these elusive items? Here’s how to get Legendary Items for free in Diablo Immortal.

You can check out our full list of Diablo Immortal Legendary items broken out by class to see which ones exist in the game.

How to Get Legendary Items for Free in Diablo Immortal

Here are all of the different ways to get Legendary items in Diablo Immortal:

  • Battle Pass
  • Hilts Trader
  • Rarities and Antiquities Shop
  • Bestiary
  • Warbands
  • Dungeons
  • Challenge Rifts
  • Elite Monsters

Battle Pass

Wait a minute, isn’t the Battle Pass a paid item? The free track of the Battle Pass is what it says on the tin–free! At level 10 in the free track of the Battle Pass, you get a free mystery Legendary Off-Hand. Work on your Codex quests to gain Battle Pass ranks and grind those free rewards and XP.

How to Get Legendary Items for Free in Diablo Immortal - Battle Pass
Battle Pass Level 10 Legendary Item, Diablo Immortal

Hilts Trader

The Hilts Trader is an NPC where you can spend your Hilts. There are a variety of daily and weekly rewards, limited-time rotating rewards, and rewards for Immortals. One of the weekly items for purchase is a mystery Legendary item. The item can be any primary gear slot, and you can get something quite good for the cost of 1600 Hilts per week. The Hilts trader is in northeast Westmarch.

How to Get Legendary Items for Free in Diablo Immortal - Hilts Trader
Hilts Trader, Diablo Immortal

Rarities and Antiquities Shop

Another place to get free Legendary items is at the Rarities & Antiquities vendor. You can purchase 25 Mystery Weapons, Mystery Primary Armor, Mystery Secondary Armor, and Mystery Jewelry per day. The price goes up for each item type after you purchase 10 per day, so we recommend limiting your purchases to 10 per item type daily unless you’re somehow flush with Gold. The results can be Legendary items, although the drop chance is relatively low.


The Bestiary is another way to get some random Legendary item drops. Collect 10 Monster Essence, and turn them in to unlock a page in the Bestiary. You can do this 3 times per day, so take advantage of it because the experience is great, and so are the drops. If you need a good spot to farm Monstrous Essence, try the Library of Zoltun Kulle.


Warbands are something every player should take part in when given the opportunity. Members of a Warband get access to a Warband Chest, effectively a shared stash amongst all Warband members. These chests can be filled with Legendary and Set Item drops from all the members. If you’re a lower level and a high-level player finds a good item and tosses it in the chest, you can use it and benefit for free!


Legendary items have a chance to drop in any dungeon from any enemy. But there’s a way to increase your odds. Open up your Codex, and you may notice specific dungeons have an increased chance to drop set items for a limited time. Run those dungeons when they’re available for a better chance at high-quality gear. Repeat ad infinitum.

Diablo Immortal Dungeons
Increased chance for Legendary and set item drops, Diablo Immortal

Challenge Rifts

Like Dungeons, Challenge Rifts can drop Legendary items. It’s totally random, but if you’re farming these out, you can find Legendary items and lots of upgrade materials for your secondary items. You may as well see how far you can go and get geared while you’re at it! Completing the level 10 Challenge Rift also unlocks the Sanctum, an important feature to boost your power even further.

Elite Monsters

Finally, you can get Legendary items from pretty much anywhere, but elite monsters typically have a higher drop chance. Specifically, if you see an Ancient Monster that’s orange-colored, it has a very high chance to drop one or more Legendary items. Keep an eye out for this, and if you’re in a party, pay attention to chat in case someone finds one nearby.

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