How to Get Support Points in Tower of Fantasy

Here's how to get more Support Points in Tower of Fantasy, and a rundown of what you should purchase with them.

There are a lot of different shops in Tower of Fantasy where players can buy resources, items, and more. Those who are looking to maximize their rewards each day will want to take advantage of the weekly Support Store items. To purchase all the weekly limit items in there, you’ll need to make sure you’re hitting your daily cap of Support Points. There are a few different ways to obtain Support Points in Tower of Fantasy, and we’ll cover all three of them in this guide.

How to Get Support Points in Tower of Fantasy

Here’s how to get Support Points in Tower of Fantasy:

  1. Kill World Bosses and Force decipher the password box
  2. Complete Dimensional Trials with less than 30 Vitality
  3. Complete Joint Operations

These are the three main methods of getting Support Points in ToF. You can only get 1500 Support Points per day, and you can do any of the tasks listed above to hit your cap. You’re probably wondering which one is the best.

World Bosses

You can get Support Points by killing World Bosses and choosing the Forced decipher option to open the password boxes. Using the Type III Chip for a Perfect decipher will not give you any support points, so keep that in mind. You’ll get 100 Support Points per World Boss if you open the box using Forced decipher.

The nice thing about killing World Bosses is that you’ll also obtain a bunch of vehicle parts by opening the chests. Depending on if you care about that or not, that may be a good incentive to kill a few World Bosses every day, even if you don’t have any Type III Chips. Pay attention to World Chat, and look out for “Taxis.” These are players you can join and teleport to so you can get to the World Bosses more quickly.

Dimensional Trials

A very efficient way to farm Support Points is by running Dimensional Trials. There’s one thing to keep in mind, though. You only get Support Points when running Dimensional Trials while your Vitality is below 30. Make sure you see the message that says, “Insufficient Vitality. Will not be able to obtain the result reward.”

Jump into a match with a random team using matchmaking, and you’ll get 150 Support Points per Dimenstional Trials run. It’s definitely the quickest way to farm Support Points, since each run only takes a couple of minutes.

Joint Operation

The last way to get Support Points is by running Joint Operations. Each run is pretty long, though, but you do have a chance to get some high-quality equipment. So, if you need SR and SSR equipment and have some time to kill, you could always run a couple Joint Operations. However, if you’re strictly after the Support Points, we’d recommend going with Dimensional Trials and World Bosses.

Tower of Fantasy Support Store

Players can open the Support Store in Tower of Fantasy by opening the Commissary and going to the Support Store tab. There are two weekly limited items that you’ll want to purchase from here:

  • Black Nucleus (Weekly Limit: 10) – 300 Support Points
  • Joint supply chip I (Weekly Limit: 3) – 900 Support Points

If you want to maximize your rewards, you’ll want to cap out on these every week. That means you will need a total of 5700 Support Points per week. Since you can get a maximum of 1500 Support Points per day, that’s a little less than 4 days’ worth of points to get the maximum rewards from the Support Store.

There are also other things for sale in the Support Store, including:

  • Gardener Honor Title (Limit: 1) – 1500 Support Points
  • Holiday Fun Chat Bubble (Limit: 1) – 1000 Support Points
  • Gold x1000 (Weekly Limit: 50) – 70 Support Points
  • Elemental Core – 100 Support Points
  • Turbocharger – 250 Support Points
  • High-performance Transmission – 250 Support Points
  • Gyroscope – 250 Support Points
  • High-energy Battery – 250 Support Points
  • Precision instrument – 100 Support Points
  • Shock Absorber – 100 Support Points
  • Universal Bearing – 100 Support Points
  • E53 Coolant – 50 Support Points
  • FF79 Alloy Lubricant – 50 Support Points
  • Power Gears – Support Points
Tower of Fantasy Support Store

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