How to Get Type III Chips in Tower of Fantasy

Here's how to get Type III Chips in Tower of Fantasy, so you can increase your chance at getting high-quality loot from World Bosses.

The Type III Chip is one of the most sought-after resources in Tower of Fantasy, mainly because of its uses in opening World Boss chests. If you’re looking to grind some world bosses, you’ll want to make sure you have a healthy supply of Type III Chips. Here’s how to get more Type III Chips in Tower of Fantasy.

As mentioned, Type III Chips are used to open Advanced password chests in Tower of Fantasy. These chests are the ones that you can open after downing a world boss. You can always open a password chest by picking the Forced Decipher option, but using a Chip increases the chance of getting good rewards. 

How to Get Type III Chips in Tower of Fantasy

Here’s how to get Type III Chips in Tower of Fantasy:

  1. Complete daily bounties
  2. Finish your weekly missions

Complete Daily Bounty Missions

Daily Bounty Missions are activities that you can complete four times per day. At daily reset time, all players get four new bounties. However, the bounties do not stack past four, so if you want to get the maximum rewards, you’ll want to make sure you do all four bounties each day.

Completing Bounty Missions increases your Bounty Level. Upgraded Bounty Levels give you a chance at getting high-difficulty missions, which can grant you better rewards, including Type III Chips.

Notice your Merc level at the top of the Bounty Missions tab. As you progress through your Bounty Levels, you’ll unlock boxes that can be claimed for additional rewards. Make sure to claim these whenever they’re available!

Finish your Weekly Missions

Another way to get Type III Chips is by completing Weekly Missions. These can be found in the Weekly tab of your Adventure menu. There are six milestones to complete for Weekly Activities, three of which reward players with Type III Chips. 

Weekly Activities are usually fairly straightforward and involve things like signing in five times, completing 16 Bounty Missions, consuming 360 Vitality, killing a World Boss, visiting Mia’s Kitchen 9 times, etc. Pay attention to the tasks, and knock them all out before the weekly reset to max out your rewards.

Type III Chips are the highest quality Chips in Tower of Fantasy, but they’re not the only type. There are also Type I and Type II Chips, which are used to open various boxes and password chests around Aida. You can do the tasks listed above to obtain all three different chip types. Make sure you’re doing your bounties daily and working on your weekly missions to take advantage of the freebies.

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