Tower of Fantasy Daily Checklist

Here's our Tower of Fantasy daily checklist, so you know which tasks you need to be doing every day to optimize your rewards.

Tower of Fantasy features a vast world to explore, with tons of in-game activities to keep players from getting bored. There’s so much to do that you may wonder what’s important to focus on to maximize efficiency. Well, we’re here to help with our Tower of Fantasy daily checklist. We’ve compiled a list of activities you’ll want to do daily to take advantage of those freebies and stack your resources.

Tower of Fantasy Daily Checklist

Here’s what to do every day in Tower of Fantasy:

  • Daily bounties
  • Continue the story
  • Feast at Mia’s Kitchen
  • Max out your level cap
  • Complete new Ruins
  • Spend your Vitality and purchase daily Vitality solutions
  • Get your gifts at the Claw Machine on Cetus Island
  • Visit Hopkins at the Black Market
  • Climb Bygone Phantasm
  • Claire’s Dream Machine

The tasks above are more or less in the order you’ll want to complete them. Bounties are the first thing to complete upon logging in, and then you can continue the story to get all caught up with a nice XP boost. You can then visit Mia’s Kitchen for buffs and an XP bonus to help you with the new Ruins, Joint Operations, and Bygone Phantasm, which are becoming increasingly difficult.

We’ll dive into a bit more detail below for each task.

Daily Bounties

Every day you log into Tower of Fantasy, you’ll have four daily bounties to complete. You can open up your Adventure handbook, go to the Recommended tab, and hit ‘Go’ under the Daily Bounty task. These small, easy-to-complete, randomized tasks lead you all over Aida. These show up at purple markers on your map. You can easily track them from your quest tracker tab.

While you’re at it, remember to do the two daily Training Facilities.

Continue the story

The ongoing story is still unfolding as we’re still in the early phases of Tower of Fantasy’s global launch. Each day, a new part of the story unlocks and increases your level cap. Complete these daily if you want to stay competitive and up-to-date on all the current content.

Mia’s Kitchen

Mia’s Kitchen is another task to make sure you’re completing daily. You can feast three times daily at 05:00, 12:00, and 18:00 server time. Mia will cook up some delicious dishes you can enjoy, which grant Wanderers powerful buffs and gifts. To get to Mia’s Kitchen in Tower of Fantasy, open the Adventure handbook, go to the Recommended tab, and hit ‘Go’ under the Mia’s Kitchen task.

Tower of Fantasy Mia's Kitchen

Max out your level cap

After finishing the main story, you may need some additional XP to hit the new level cap. You can work on any side missions in your log, search for new ones, and adventure through Aida, looting chests, collecting Nuclei, and getting all the checkpoints. If you have Type III chips available, consider taking down some world bosses. Pay attention to world chat and switch channels to team up with fellow Wanderers.


After maxing out your level cap and finishing the story, it’s time to check out the new Ruins. As you level, new and tougher difficulties for Ruins unlock. These are a good source of Potent Omnium Crystals, Relic Shards, Equipment, and general upgrade materials. You’ll want to stay on top of these daily and loot all the chests inside them for optimum rewards.

Spend your Vitality

You’ll want to make sure you spend your Vitality every day. It regenerates naturally but caps out at 180. So, if you’re at cap, you won’t generate more Vitality. We recommend running Joint Operations for a chance at blue and purple gear. Go into your Adventure tab, go to Select, and pick from Joint Operation, Dimensional Trials, Interstellar Exploration, Omnium Beacon, and Spacetime Domain. Take a look at the rewards and see what you need most.

Claw Machine

One daily task many people don’t know about is the Claw Machine on Cetus Island. You can get up to three free gifts per day here, which you can use to Awaken your Simulacra. Awakening your character will provide a huge buff when you unlock Traits at 1200 and 4000 Awakening Points. Fast Travel to Ceuts Island, and go straight to the big red tent. Go around the left side, and you should see a Claw Machine called “Strange Gadget.”

It’s like a traditional claw machine. You have a time limit, and you’ll want to move the claw to line up with the gift you want. Drop the claw and claim the prize. You have a time limit, so you get a few tries in case you mess up. We recommend opening your Simulacra tab, looking at the character you want to feed gifts to, and seeing which type of gifts they prefer. For example, Samir prefers Toys, so to get some bonus Awakening Points, try to pull only Toy gifts from the Claw Machine.

Black Market

Another free source of daily gifts is at the Black Market. Fast Travel to the Black Market Spacerift in central Banges, and look for the NPC named Hopkins. He’ll give you an opportunity to pick between two boxes, which contain randomized rewards. The free gifts you get from here definitely add up over time, so don’t sleep on this source of freebies!

Bygone Phantasm

Bygone Phantasm is an in-game activity that resets weekly. Ideally, you don’t really need to worry about this until Sunday since it resets on Monday. However, you can consistently climb levels daily as your level cap rises. Then, on Sunday, you can push to get to the top of your bracket. Ranking at the top of your bracket will max out your rewards, which you won’t want to miss out on!

If you rank in the top 10, you’ll get promoted to another bracket the following week. The upper champion’s bracket will contain other top-performing players and offer much greater rewards.

Claire’s Rewards

Claire’s Rewards is a new activity that was released on day five of the global launch. Upon deciphering password chests, these have a chance to spawn next to you. Speak with Claire to gain access to the Dream. You can complete a few (perhaps seven) per week, and they consist of random mini-games like tower defense, climbing puzzles, and more. The rewards can include weapon boosts, Black and Golden Nucleus, and lots more, so make sure not to ignore Claire!

That’s our daily Tower of Fantasy checklist. There’s never a shortage of things to do in the game, but make sure you’re doing all of these tasks every day to max out your free rewards.

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