How to Get Tower Upgrades in Necrosmith

Here's how to get Tower Upgrades in Necrosmith, and a full list of the types of upgrades available.

Necrosmith is a game of many genres, but most importantly, it’s a tower defense game. Anyone familiar with TD games knows that upgrades are essential. Upgrades apply to all your units simultaneously, as opposed to some games where you need to upgrade each unit individually. In this guide, we’ll explain how to get Tower Upgrades in Necrosmith and list out all of the types of upgrades so you can better plan your strategy.

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How to Get Tower Upgrades in Necrosmith

Tower Upgrades are obtained in Necrosmith by destroying lairs that spawn enemy units. Lairs are located all over the map and spawn increasingly difficult units in areas further from the Black Tower. Players can get better Tower Upgrades, also called Blueprints, by spending Gold on upgrading the Blueprints at the main menu.

Every time you create a tower upgrade in-game, your Black Tower gets stronger, and its HP increases. Upgrades cost Ore, which can be picked up around the map in the wheelbarrows or generated daily by claiming Ore Mines.

Types of Tower Upgrades in Necrosmith

Tower Upgrades are broken up into the following categories:

  • Armories: Increases the damage of your units.
  • Food: Increases the health of your units.
  • Forges: Increases the armor of your units.
  • Generators: Increases the speed of your units.
  • Growth incubators: Increases the growth of specific monster-type body parts.
  • Infirmaries: Increases the regeneration of your units.
  • Optics: Increases the vision of your units.
Types of Tower Upgrades in Necrosmith

Necrosmith Tower Upgrades FAQ

What are the best Tower Upgrades in Necrosmith?

The best Tower Upgrade depends on your strategy, but generally, damage and speed are the best options. Growth upgrades are also very effective if you can get mechanoid growth early on in a game.

Are Tower Upgrades persistent across runs in Necrosmith?

No, the Tower Upgrades you obtain during runs only apply for that particular run. However, the upgrades at the main menu, such as the Cat and Blueprints, persist forever on your current game’s save file.

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