How to Romance Hanzo in Loverwatch

Can you win over the heart of Cupid?

Loverwatch is an Overwatch 2 Valentine’s Day-themed browser game that offers players the chance to get some free in-game rewards. It’s technically a dating sim, but it’s more of a fun little non-canon story featuring Genji, Mercy, Hanzo as Cupid, and some other guest appearances. If you’ve already won over the hearts of Genji and Mercy, it’s only logical to wonder if you can actually romance Hanzo in Loverwatch. Well, here’s what you need to know to win over Cupid Hanzo.

How to Romance Hanzo in Loverwatch

To romance Hanzo, you’ll need to win over the hearts of both Mercy and Genji by selecting the correct dialog options. After that’s done, create a new game, and you will immediately see a new cutscene featuring Cupid Hanzo in the realm of love. This is the “secret ending” in Loverwatch.

Cupid Hanzo will then reveal that you’ve also won over his heart and then gift you an arrow from his quiver. You can choose the dialog option, “You were my soulmate all along,” to “romance” him. It’s not quite as involved as the story is with Mercy and Genji. Still, it’s a nice little hidden event inside the dating sim.

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After that scene, the credits will roll, bringing you back to the main screen. Go to the Rewards tab to check out the new rewards you’ve unlocked for getting the secret ending! You should now see Cupid’s Arrow, a new Card Front, and a new Valentine’s Card.

There you have it — you should have unlocked everything there is to unlock in Loverwatch, the Overwatch 2 dating sim, to celebrate Valentine’s Day.